I am curious to know what you think about this bird, it has swap in wound, and another bleeding move, short defense, impact and run and pinning strike. I just don 't like her health and damage.
Is she worth it to level up, what do you think?


I have evolved it up to level 15 and, although I could take it to level 18, at the moment I will not do it, waiting for a hybrid future. It can be a very interesting bird but, unlike the Dracorex gen 2, it can not be exchanged in two turns and, therefore, I understand that after killing a dino with little health it would be killed easily by the next dino if it has the same or higher speed to 126 what, in high sand, is quite usual. In intermediate sands, I think it can be useful.


Dimodattilo damage and health are not great at high level. So this dino is good in low arena when all dinos have low damage and health. I have this dino at lev 13 ready to level up and I will do it in the future to gain xp for evolving and fusing. :slight_smile:


Mines at 15 but not sure its survives long enough to replace anything on my team. But I have worked out how to use it.

It will die instantly. You have to bring it in naturally and use the swap out move and then swap it in as a sacrifice


Speed 126, swap prevention for 2 turns, I’d prefer dimorphodon. But it can get a super hybrid, that’d be a badass if at all


Thanks for your advice. I think I wil use it in friendly battle, but I keep collecting it. Maybe in the future, for a hybrid. :grin:


I thought the same due to the 129 speed however the only Dino in this range (126-129) you see in the arena (~4500 :trophy:) is uthasinoraptor that it would matter against. Check it out.


I have it for the collection but I doubt I would ever use it. I just don’t rate pterosaurs over the regular dinosaurs.


It’s an easy access to lethal wound. Don’t matter if it dies if it can kill high lvl tanks! use the sia when swooping to it from spinotasuchus it will take a hit but enemy Dino dies from mass stacked bleeds. Before it goes down it has the chance to put a lethal wound down on next creature which is solid


Jury is still out for me, but it’s definitely an intriguing one. I already had a lot of Tupa and have been getting Dimorphodon in droves. Mine is 19 but I’m out of both Tupa DNA and the desire to spend more coin leveling it for the time being. Have had some success with it and plan on using it once a couple of other pieces for my team fall into place down the line.



I’ll think I am going to practice with her in friendly battles, just to find out how she benefits me the most. Maybe she gets buffed in the future or a superhybrid.