Dimorphodon and Dimodactylus

Got dimorphodon in arena incubator


How far would everyone level Dimodactylus? Just took mine to L16 but wondering if I should have held at 15 and stockpiled DNA …

I’d go with the other one. Darwinopterus or however it’s spelt. Lol. 129 speed can swap in bleed and get another bleed off I think. Haven’t seen a wild one yet tho.

Its SIA could be useful in weekend epic strike towers. But it’s Legendary might not have a SIA let alone same one.

Level is a question of can you make it survive next hit. Ive not done that research.

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I wish the legendary looked like dimophodon instead of the coolest looking bird just being used for dna.

Why? Is there another hybrid coming?

Well that’s the question isn’t - if it gets a hybrid then will it be at L15 or L20? As I have no immediate plans to put it in the team I think I should have held at L15.

Too hard to get. Dimodactylus is much easier to obtain. Your never getting Darwin to L20

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Mines at L15 and dies instantly as I’m at 4440 trophies currently. But I figure with a higher level (like 21ish?) you could use lethal, hit and run and then swap back in later with the sia bleed. Reallly fun playing with these swap in/out moves. I’m not trying to predict Ludia other than to say every Dino I touch gets nerfed. Watch out Dracorex Gen Two.

My favourite thing with the SIAs is to double it up with hit and run; was 2-2 using Dilorach the other day vs Stegodeus … used GSR, R&R and swapped in Dracorex Gen 2 - around 6,000 damage in total :rofl:

Sounds like my attempt at the strike tower. I’ve never lost one before but I was completely and utterly annihilated by those two with the swap out moves. And how great is Dracorex 2 now lol who would have though anyone would be saying that.

Can’t believe the size of the nerf thread though - it is a little OP but there is quite a penalty in it taking up a slot as it is a bit of a one trick pony.

The more I use it though the more I realise this nerf is inevitable. My L18 can swapin and get back out again to swa in a second time. It really is killer. Once it’s level 22, 23 it will just obliterate teams. A L24 can kill a Monomin before it can say “what th…

I hope they nerf the damage not make it a 2 turn no swap out though.

I call these little beasts “Vampire Bats”. That’s my pet name for these.

I think Dimorphodon is better than its hybrid. The main purpose is to swap in and get at least one hit and then hope to swap out. The speed on Dimorphodon is better than Dimodactylus. I have L21 Dimodactylus now but actually thinking I should have just leveled up Dimorphodon.