Dimorphodon error

I was riding my bus this morning, and, I think I just discovered the legendary Pinky Tailosaur of the Aztecs! Lol, can someone explain what this is?


Well considering the tail is visible curving the opposite way. Id say u drew it on :thinking:

Blast off! I see… I think that’s how a Dimorphodon can take flight so quickly with their tiny wings. However, thanks for reporting this to us, our team will have this little dino examined further in our lab.

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Haha I didn’t even notice that

Whats that supposed to mean?

Looks like it might be its flight path made visible.

I seen it to but when i dart another one it back to normal

Saw same pink tailed dimo twice

Actually I have noticed that behind their tails is a little shadow of light or whatever those things are called that they fly over on the map, so I’m assuming that’s what turned pink.

I had the pink tail last night! Funny.

thank you for the clarification.

Can we keep it? I like it!

I really enjoyed it actually!

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Oh my gosh they’re literally everywhere. I think I found like 3 or 4 more of them yesterday.

Look at this :joy::joy: I think it looks way cooler

Purple trail :0

Is this in game pic?? I wonder if it’s about to transform into robot mode beast wars style! :grin:

Its possible!

The pink tail is a thing. A bunch of others beat you too this. I saw my first one today. I believe it is a glitch but I like it so hope they don’t fix it.

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Dimorphodon randomly has a purple trail sometimes as seen below. Is this a known glitch or am I the only one who gets it?