Dimorphodon is now a night spawn? 🤔


I am pleasantly surrounded :heart_eyes: ps don’t give importance on the last screen, another bug :sweat_smile: but at least I was able to dart a utah, not like the dinos trapped into Strike Events…


These are the spawn events that metahub refered to in the datamine last week it was tupans turn to have an increased all day spawn… this week its dimorphodons turn…


See him in the morning as well


Oh thanks @Evicton can you please tell me the list of the future weird spawning, so that I can plan my darting sessions accordingly? :relaxed:


I’ve ran into some during the daytime aswell

This should make leveling my Dimodactylus easier. :grin:


I snagged dimo DNA twice during the day today in zone 1. Tupan seems to be more of a dusk/night spawn.


I’ve had like 3-4 of them tonight myself. And even one now that I checked right after you said that :grin:


If i knew id tell you, metahub was only able to tell they added something called event spawns but not actually what they did… but last week we had an increase in tupan so it was speculated this week would be dimorphodon…

Im guessing if these events are to continue… we will most likely see other components to the new hybrids…

If i had to bet… with trike gen 2 being a weekly dino… and their being an apex predator scent with trex gen 2 as a possible dino lurking in the future.

We will see lythronax or purssa gen 2 next week.thats just a guess though.


Tupan was all day last week… dimo is all day this week… next week they will both return to their normal spawn times.


thanks so much @Evicton , if you (all) see something strange, feel free to use this post so that everybody can be aware :wink:


keep them coming


It has 128 speed.
Level it up - so that it could take 2 hits.

Then, swap in and bleed all dinos to death.

With a combo of Draco Gen 2, which is also a common, then, it will be fun.

Commons can now be more influential than Legendaries and Uniques in the arenas.

So again, kudos to the Developer.


Dimo is spawning at night and day here.



It’s the unofficial Dino of the week/day I’m not sure but cash in now while you can it won’t last


Dracocera is up next so draco gen 2 one week and trike gen 2 the other week.


@Evicton thank you so much!! :hugs:

Lol seems Ludia want to tempt us with draco 2 Dna so that we would have to spend real money to level it up, even if we know for sure that this dino will be nerfed in a month or so… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: