Dino Battle Simulator


Hi to all
In order to create our ideal team I guess all of us are trying to find out what are the best dinos in the game
What would really help is to have a Dino Battle Sumulator
As a matter of fact I already found one online. Great effort by the author. Congrats! (I was surprised to find out that Gorgosuchus would win more battles vs Megalosuchus! And that Utasinoraptor would win more battles vs Pyrritator?!)
It would also be great to create something like a Premier League of the best dinos. Here you would enter 20 dinos that you’ve discovered so far in the league to fight each other - the top 10 would become your team (8 in the main team and with two bench players)


Just one update. Using the above mentioned online battle simulator facing Gorgosuchus Megalosuchus and Postimetrodon they’ve beaten each other in circle
Gorgosuchus defeated Megalosuchus
Megalosuchus defeated Postimetrodon
Postimetrodon defeated Gorgosuchus


Another simulation: Indoraptor vs Utasinoraptor vs Pyrritator beating each other in circle- 20 battles in each match
Utasinoraptor defeats Pyrritator
Pyrritator defeats Indoraptor (barely)
Indoraptor defeats Utasinoraptor (barely)