Dino Battles

Today on Dino battles… Armormata vs Indominus rex gen 2!

Pre-battle info: If you watched the Jurassic world movies, you would know that the indominus rex ate her sibling. However, in this battle, indominus Rex’s twin escaped her paddock, and hid in a nearby forest.

The indominus rex gen 2 was constantly stalking her sibling, and saw her fight with the ankylosaurus. She was even there to witnesses her sibling’s demise at the hands of the mosasaur.

And now…onto the fight!

Ferocious growls penetrated through the dense forest. And suddenly…a section of the forest turned into blackness. The indominus rex gen 2 towered over the trees. She began to search for food, as she had just woken up from a long slumber, and she knew just the place to feast.

She approached a river, where many large herbivores were grazing. She looked around, deciding what she would eliminate. She looked around once again…nothing. She was about to head back into the woods when she caught a glimpse of a large red creature.

It looked like an ankylosaur… much like the one her sister had killed…but it was also different. It was far larger. It had a large fin shaped bone extruding from its back, many more spikes, and a knife shaped tail. It appeared to be an apex creature; nothing dared to challenge it.

Angry at what she saw, the indominus rex gen 2 decided to spend all her time stalking, and preparing to eliminate this new creature. Adrenaline flowed through her veins as she prepared to return to her camouflaged state. After a good deal of stalking, the indominus rex gen 2 noticed the drinking patterns of the mysterious new creature. It came to a large grassy clearing with a pond twice a day to get a drink.

The indominus rex gen 2 arrived at the pond; just as she had anticipated, the new creature was there. The ground shook as the untamable king charged towards the ankylosaur-like-creature. Using her armoured head, the indominus rex gen 2 rammed into the new creature, sending it rolling backwards. Trying to imitate her sister, she attempted to role the new creature on its back. However, the large fin-like bone prevented the creature from rolling over, and it was able to get back on its feet.

In retaliation, the creature held up its tail, revealing the giant knife shaped club. They both charged towards each other, and suddenly, the giant club collided with the untamable king’s skull. Blood gushed out of the indominus head, but she wasn’t ready to give up. Once again, the indominus took another charge at the creature, but this one was sloppy. The knife on the creatures tail slashed the indominus rex gen 2’s leg open, and she tripped. To assert its dominance on the untamable king, the new creature broke the indominus’s tail bone in one, bone crushing swing of its tail. The indominus rex gen 2 limped off into the woods, while the creature pounded its tail against the ground in victory.

Winner: Armormata

Vote who you would like to see in the next battle!

  • Dracoceratops
  • Scorpios rex
  • Gorgosuchus

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  • Indoraptor gen 2
  • Suchoripterus
  • Pteraquetzal

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Another idea would be liosichtodon vs megachelon and Indricoceros vs dilophoboa

I’ll do cenos and aquatics after the next battle :slight_smile:

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Indom g1 vs acro! :smiley:


Acro is one of my favorites as well, so I’ll definitely include him in the next vote.

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