Dino Buck Dissapperance

Okay, before I say anything. I should point out that the title isn’t really anything bad. It’s just something that I’ve notice becoming more and more apparent over time that’s been effecting battle events and trade harbor for VIP user.

So, over time, battle event packs that you could earn dino bucks from, have started to not give any at all. I think the worst offender to this is the golden pack, which you could earn 500 at a 4% chance, but now you can’t get any from them at all. Even events like Climate change, that you could earn 50 bucks from, don’t give any at all.

Then there’s been the recent nerf with VIP users and custom trades. Where previously, you could use a custom trade 3 times. But now that’s been changed to only 2 times

Now, this might seem like Ludia is encouraging more people to buy dino bucks. But in all honestly, I actually don’t see it as a too big issue. They’ve still made it possible to earn dino bucks for free, though multiple sources.

Daily Missions/packs: some missions like doing a aquatic PVP with 3 different types gives you 50 bucks, even if you don’t win.
Tournaments; Packs for most tournament creatures (mastodon was more even in terms of what resources you earn from it) still have a 50% for 500 dino buck or 2’500 DNA.
Trade harbor; Yes, I know the trade harbor has a reputation for given you rather… silly offers, but it’s still a good way to earn bucks.
PVP; While sometimes you might earn a silly reward like gold or food, (or not even win at all) This is still a brilliant way to earn bucks

If I sound like I’m complaining, then I am sorry for bothering. But I just feel like this is something worth pointing out.

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They still have ways to get them for free, sure, because players would surely quit in DROVES if they didn’t. That still doesn’t change the fact that they are now regularly cutting back on ways that players can get them while increasingly pushing these Mod events and tournaments on us, that become FAR harder if you aren’t willing to fork over the cash for the good ones. There is virtually NO logic to them taking away a custom trade from already-paying VIP customers if not to try and reduce their opportunities to get DBs. How many more of the things you list are going to get cut back in the months to come, as they test the waters of how much hurt players will endure? For those of us that haven’t been playing a super long time and would MUCH rather be using our few DBs for speedups, not mods, it’s especially frustrating what Ludia has been doing.