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Dino Buck Tracking for a week

Being the type that really enjoys this game, I have grown a bit tired of all the negativity over some minor changes to the game that I honestly feel are net improvements to game play. As such, I have been tracking my game play a bit to see how ‘bad’ things really are. So, here are my sources for dinobucks over the last week. I have more dino bucks coming in at a faster rate than I have before, especially from Trade Harbor.

Daily Objectives and Daily Missions VIP Pack

1,330 Dino Bucks (140 per objectives plus 50 in pack x7 days)

Infinity Battle

450 Dino Bucks (1x Super Rare, 3x Common)

Fight for Funds, Plesiosaurus Mission Reward, and Level 80 Packs.

250 Dino Bucks

20,000 Loyalty Point VIP Packs

2,000 Dino Bucks (The Dino Buck Prize is more now, 1000 Dino Bucks, it used to be 500 I think)

VIP Mystery Packs

540 Dino Bucks

Archelon Tournament

1,230 Dino Bucks (730 from victory prize wheel spins, 500 from final pack)

PVP (no mods)

730 Dino Bucks

Trade Harbor (Trades listed at bottom for reference)

5,952 Dino Bucks


12,482 Dino Bucks.

It is worth pointing out that a significant chunk of my Dino Bucks came from Trade Harbor. Trade Harbor was being watched a bit more closely than usual. So, we lost being able to get 600ish dino bucks for Apato Fossils with 3 custom trades a day. Instead we gained a better Trade Harbor, and can use those trades for Loyalty Points to acquire 20,000 packs with higher potential Dino Bucks.

So, I don’t think Ludia is squeezing us for Dino Bucks, just shifting the economy a bit to make things more profitable the more you play.

Trade Harbor
Trade For DinoBucks
133 Loyalty Points 104
Tyrannosaurus Topiary 186
168 DNA 64
Dakosaurus 125
269 DNA 118
187 DNA 80
Apatosaurus fossil 494
Apatosaurus fossil 369
3,039,420 coin 182
132 DNA 57
140 Loyalty Points 111
171 Loyalty Points 117
171 Loyalty Points 117
171 Loyalty Points 117
171 Loyalty Points 117
171 Loyalty Points 117
171 Loyalty Points 117
180 Loyalty Points 121
2,942,760 Coins 196
245 Loyalty Points 171
251 loyalty points 167
2,513,160 Coins 180
269 DNA 118
292 DNA 125
298 DNA 129
6x Split Wound Mod 38
Apatosaurus fossil 397
Apatosaurus fossil 346
Apatosaurus fossil 389
Dimetrodon 204
Dunkleosterous 264
299 DNA 116
Scaphognathus 205
VIP Wind Turbine 194

Total: 5952


Yeah, but the negativity also comes from the poor communication by Ludia and lost transparency.

After a few weeks I also noticed that the DB’s I receive are kinda ok to what I got pre-update, but the transparency got totally lost.
The DB’s I got from the PvE and custom trades were easily recognizable and you were planning with those, now it’s a lot of random DB’s here and there. I also don’t really get the point of Ludia changing it, no one spends more DB’s if you get them regardless, especially if they want you to spend DB’s for cool-downs for something you’re getting now worse rewards for (am I missing something?) that change with the DB’s made no sense at all IMO.

I totally agree with you that the gameplay is not lacking at all after all those changes, but again there were plenty of changes so why did Ludia not properly communicate all of their changes.
Is it so difficult to say before the update: “Guys we’ll remove DB’s from some packs and custom trades, but you’ll receive a lot more later in the trade Harbour and if you play regularly.”
Instead of people running statistics over weeks to recognize it’s actually all good (thanks for the effort btw).

I can also still enjoy the game and will be able to adjust, but those things are very annoying and the value of the VIP membership is still questionable … I really don’t get why Ludia created such a mess.


And part of the issue is we certainly are not done seeing the changes. For instance, this newest change where the rewards for these events (which have already been made harder to complete) keep getting worse. Now not only are the DBs gone from the packs, more and more often the packs themselves are gone… which now ALSO greatly reduces the amount of LPs we can get (especially VIPs). It certainly gives the appearance that they keep taking stuff away from us, even if somewhere else in the game they have increased the amount of LPs and/or DBs we might get. And particularly things like reducing our daily custom trades… it’s hard to see how that could have been anything other than an attempt to cut back on the resources in the game we can acquire. The trades are so random that I for one do not at all trust that they won’t start dialing those back in the future once they think all this anger has died down again.


It’s also particularly hard to see how the changes in the daily events that are now resulting in more players having to sit some out is a net improvement to the game. I’m lucky in this respect that I haven’t been playing as long, and have had the benefit of advice about not leveling stuff up too quickly, but the increase in the number of rounds you have to do, how can that be a positive thing for the players?? I’m glad I have held everything at such a low level for the time being, but I sure don’t want to, one of the fun things in this game is being able to see the evolution of the creatures up to the really cool level 40 designs. I may NEVER see many of those at the rate this game is going. From our end, it’s not JUST about the difficulty of getting DBs… it just seems like all the changes that Ludia has been making on THEIR end seem to be about trying to get players to waste more of them.


Plus, there’re those stupid story missions that force those who want to complete these missions to level up dinos, even higher tier ones like the indoraptor and indominus rex, thereby messing up balance for the unwary. Stupid is as stupid does, so I’ve completely quit following the story missions.


Sure you don’t want to level one creature up too fast. But it’s not even just about leveling up too quickly- even if you level everything up at the same time your balance will still be completely thrown off for all three arenas (Jurassics, Cenozoics, and Aquatics) and you get stuck with insanely long cool downs.

Battle imbalance for end game players is currently my biggest pet peeve against JWTG. This can and should be easily fixed.


Actually it was leveling up your entire team I was referring to, not individual ones. Obviously leveling JUST one is bad enough but what I’m seeing with these changes is how much easier a time I am having by leaving all my aquatics at VIP lvl 10 vs. advancing the teams up to 11+. I not only am able to complete all these events handily, I am doing so with plenty leftover… and ready to cooldown to do PvPs later in the day. Sure, I won’t get all that far in a boss event, but with those nerfed for the later prizes, it hardly matters as much to me as completing the daily PvEs do, even as those prizes have been getting worse, likewise with aquatic tournaments as rare as those have been. But the sDNA is worth the effort if nothing else is. I don’t even know yet how competitive these teams will be in a tournament though, it’s been so long since the last one, and I know that one didn’t need near the level of the Jurassics, but the thing I know most about tournaments is numbers is critical so even if I fail at the next one, it’s a small price to pay for being able to slice through these daily events so easily. I still WAS planning to level them up soon to at least get to the Elite prize wheels but all I really need to do is add in a few legendaries to use in the PvPs to bump those up and I’ll be golden.

So yeah, every week it seems there’s less and less incentive to level these teams up, I’ll certainly eventually do it regardless, but the changes being made are a HUGE disincentive to do that.


Once you safely reach Dominator league regularly you’re out of Ludia’s customer target group, so yes they don’t give you anymore incentives. It’s literally F2P from this point onwards.

You’ll have to set your own targets when this happens as the game won’t offer you anything.
Don’t get me wrong, it can be still fun to collect all Dino’s, to level them up, to participate in battles, to design your park etc. No doubt, but again Ludia doesn’t give you anything more from this point.
From now it’s all at your own pace there’s nothing to gain in game (beside maybe these hologram thingies).

I’m also mad at those PvE changes, but if you’re at a certain level, they don’t really matter and they actually never did. You play them if you like them, but the rewards are just nice to have.

VIP membership can only be seen as a way to support the game and they throw you a bone for that.

Just stating the obvious here, personally it makes me very angry to see how Ludia messes up their own game wasting opportunity after opportunity, so many great ideas out there and they’ve nothing else to do then rebalancing Dino Bucks … Gee! Mind boggling!
It’s a beautiful game and the Jurassic World franchise is still alive with many fans (beside the poor movies), so why not focusing on all players long term?

I like though what @DantheMan did, just do that Lvl 40 Indo if you like to, who cares about those PvE’s anyhow? I’ll also start messing up soon with my Ferocity, first thing I’ll get my lvl 40 Indominus back, which I stupidly sacrificed for PvE’s … needs to be corrected.


Heck yeah brother, break the wheel with me!

We both know all the resources are in the TH nowadays anyway, not in PVE prizes… So in the words of the late, great Riddick: