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Dino Bucks help

I’m at level 54 now and I do okay for DNA, Food, and coins, but I just keep running out of Dino Bucks. What should I be doing to get more, or what should I do to manage what I get better.

Trades give you DB. Apatosaurus Fossils gives ~400 DB per trade. Empty out your market to increase the chances of an AF trade.

What are you using so many DBs on?


AF trade? Just speeding things up mostly.

Video by Sionsith:

Thanks mate.

Actually apatosaurus fossils can give you between 400 and 500 db

Clean your market except for Apatosaurus fossils and stack them. 350-500 Dino Bucks per trade.

Seems to be working. How come I can only buy one at a time.

You can’t buy them if you have any stored in your market. Buy, place, buy, place, time10, after that store all of them

Buy and place 10, then store all of them at once.

Works very well. I have over 2 thousand bucks since last night. Thanks guys.


Welcome my friend.

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I mainly rely on Daily Missions and the weekly Fight For Funds. But yea, I also am emptying out my market but it is taking an abnormally long time due to the number of Legendaries I have in store.