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Dino Bucks - What are they really worth?

I’ve always been curious what the comparative value that Ludia places on Dino Bucks, Loyalty Points and DNA in the game, particularly in the trade harbour as that is where we often see different resources offered for the same item. So for the last week I’ve recorded all trades involving DB, LP or DNA, chucked them in a spreadsheet and tried to figure it out.

Wouldn’t you know it, there is a definite value ratio for DB:LP:DNA that is remarkably consistent across many of the trades. Obviously DB are valued highest, followed by LP then DNA. So…what is it I hear you ask. Ask no more.The ratio is

1 (DB) : 1.4 (LP) : 2.7 (DNA)

So what does this mean? Basically DB are worth approximately 1.5 times more than LPs and 3 times more than DNA and LPs are worth twice as much as DNA.

So 100 DB are “worth” 150 LPs or 300 DNA and those 150 LPs are “worth” 300 DNA.

These values are conserved across almost all trades, including food and coins for DB, LP and DNA. This means that for the majority of trades we are getting “fair market value” to acquire those resources. However there are a few exceptions. These include:

AF to DB or DNA. For these trades they are treated equally, making AF to DB the best trade in the game…of course, we all know that already!

In both DB to LP and LP to DNA trades, the LPs are significantly undervalued. Never do them. Again, we largely knew this already.

For Dino to resource trades DB are significantly undervalued. Granted, we all take them anyway, hower we are getting nowhere near the actual value in terms of the ratios above. In fact, we are getting half of the DB that we should be for these trades. Interestingly, we are getting offered more LPs than we should be. So Dino to LP trades are by far the best trades to take.

I use my daily custom trades to do DNA to Jurassic for the VIPs and the average cost of those trades is about 14K DNA to one VIP. Comparing it to the equivalent LP cost of 8700 for a solid gold pack, we should expect these trades to set us back at least 17K DNA. Therefore DNA to Jurassic custom trades are the cheapest way to obtain VIPs in the game.

So next time you are trying to figure out “is this trade worth it”…think about those ratios and you’ll have your answer.


I like your analysis, it seems correct from what I have experienced so far during the game and trades.
One question: when doing dna to Jurassic, do you need to have some larger amount of DNA in stash (similar to when coins or food need to be near 99 mil. when doing trade)?
I haven’t check that yet as I usually spend my DNA when I reach 100.000)…

Very good job! Thank you so much for the analysis!

The only thing I would add is the general approach of alternative cost and the cost of time. You can’t always wait for the best trade to appear as you would be missing out on other trades. For example ‘should I trade my ostafrikasaurus for x amount of db, when I could get 1.4x amount of lps instead?’ I guess most of us would trade the ostafrikasaurus (as long as it’s not needed) for almost any amount of db/lp/dna.

Edit: One more thing: when you open a 10k vip pack there are other resources to consider. About a week ago I opened maybe 8 packs in a row and both my dna and db amount increased significantly which I tend to under value and go for the fixed 11lp offers.


You can try dna to creature trades around 50k. I tried them even below that amount with success.


I disagree. The best investment imo are coins to decorations, where you only accept the VIP decoration trades.

These then can be used around dinos to increase coin revenue, thus creating a self-sustaining economy.

Use coins to buy vip decorations

Then use those decorations to boost dino coin revenue

Use said coins to buy more VIP decorations

Then stockpile the decorations for better trades, where you are essentially converting coins into DB/LP/DNA/whatever.

This can also be used to generate XP if you place them down, then put them back into storage.

This is how I generated all my DBux, and increased coin revenue for more of said trades.

I am now stockpiling for the next max level increase, with my entire park filled with clocktowers.


There’s nothing wrong with that strategy if all you are chasing is DB and DNA…though I’m a little confused about what you are disagreeing with?


Some older data from when we still had boosters and they were actually worth something in the TH…


I might sound crazy but I would much rather spend LP on vip creatures than DNA, dna has become a valuable resource for me now that I have tourney hybrids unlocked which are much stronger than any vip creature at 40, so I will not spend a single bit of dna on a vip creature again imo


Ah I remember the times when you could actually custom trade for a decent amount of bucks aswell

That’s a lot of different decorations you’ve stockpiled, do you get lots of dna, bucks trades for these then?


Indeed. I’ve certainly obtained a huge line up of L30 VIPs by doing those daily DNA to VIP trades to the extent I only need to use half of them to finish in dominator. The short cool downs make them so useful. I am at the point though that I need to start taking them up to 40 and increasing my hybrid line up so may go in the same direction soon.

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I’m definitely not saying that vips are not useful though far from it, but currently there are more ways to obtain vip copies (dna/food trades, lp, card packs and vip tournaments) than copies of tourney hybrids which are limited to dna, so this will be the path of my investment for now.

Plus the fact that while strong vip creatures are limited to 9k ferocity I beleive, whereas tourney hybrids are much higher, they’re perfect to bridge the gap but they wont be that much help when we start building lineups like sionsith or lora greens.


I spent my entire life in this game with minus than 400 bucks and I still enjoy playing,you just have to wait more since bucks are use to speed up everything
:money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

As long as I keep other decorations (aside from Apata Fossils) out of my storage, yes.

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Oh I was about to ask something very similar to @Aether_12’s there as agreeing with all of you’ve said. I’m also aiming for CTs but they are so giving on buckswise so I sadly become traded them all at the end of the day. I was wondering if having that much valuable yet different kind of decos in your market changes the bucks offer frequency coming along, or not. How often do you take bucks offers for them daily? @OstaposaurusBae

I have noticed that the trade harbour inflates the coin price for AFs. This morning I sold one for 2 million coins - which I immediately used to buy two more. I checked there were no bucks offers first!

Am I risking not getting bucks offers by doing this?

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Yes you are.

If you leave an af to coin and an af to food in your market it will increase the chances of the next being af to buck, take the coin or food one in the meantime and it allows the TH to give you another food or coin one (reason being chanya cant offer you the same deal twice so by leaving a food or coin offer in there you wont get another one offered)


Ah, thanks. Thought it seemed too good to be true. She’s not normally over-generous

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Has this been proven? I know I’ve heard some people agree to this and others say they it hasn’t increased the amount of af to DB trades they’ve gotten. I don’t have a clear market, so I accept this af to coin trades anytime I need to build my coins back up. I don’t keep track, but I don’t think it’s affected my af to DB trades.


I’m not saying this is a proven way to get more af to buck trades but what I’m saying is that you will not get the same trade offer twice from chanya, so for instance if you keep an af to coin in the harbour you wont receive this offer again until it disappears. So in theory taking the af to coin may harm your chances of the next trade coming through being an af to bucks as chanya could just as well offer you af to coin again keeping it in your market prevents this from happening.

Hopefully this makes sense