Dino Bucks


Why does this game not have a confirmation for spending dino bucks? My poor 4 year-old loves this game and all he wants is a brontosaurus but every time I get a few dino bucks to try to save up for it he accidentally spends it because he doesn’t understand that when it asks him if he wants to speed it up, or similar actions, that it takes away dino bucks. Now he’s broken-hearted… probably should just delete the game but if Ludia actually cared about their gamers they’d implement an option for a passcode or something to verify you want to spend dino bucks. I can’t even let my child look at my phone for fear he’ll spend my hard cash in Jurassic World Alive on accident. Your parent gamers and young gamers are suffering all because Ludia can make a few extra bucks on accidental spending.


Sorry just because your son accidentally spending bucks ain’t Ludia’s Problem. If you notice the game 17+, most apps that flash advertisement purchases will have this. Just Incase you have the issue your running into right now. It’s a action that speeds the incubator, says it cost. Performs what it does, that’s more of a issue of your own control.


Also disable the card or delete it from the phone when he plays, it can simply be put back on when you use it. If your worried about him purchasing.


He can’t purchase, I just wish there was a way to stop dino bucks from being accidentally spent without some kind of confirmation. Really frustrating.


Yeah unfortunately is a double edge sword. Businesses want the smoothest ways to purchase transactions, usually they will just throw in the Yes/No confirmation. I my self accidentally purchased a item with out even knowing I did it before.