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Dino Chase and some other thoughts


So in doing some research and curiosity ive been learning about the google maps platform for gaming and all the things they have added that Ludia can take advantage of. The additions from March in particular.

The biome information is quite intresting on water mechanics spawns… as google puts it you can have a racoon spawn in a dumpster… I really like to have this in with aquatics just to add to the ar experience… i think it would add to the ar perspective but knowing google is tying this kind of information i dont have to worry about small bodies of water being ignore.

The other addition from March was the new pathfinding and allowing creatures to chase people in game. Im not gonna lie… the idea of running from a trex for some in game challenge could be really fun as it happens so much in the movies… obviously we will have to hit it with a dart that slows it down or something. I know their are issues with the idea of some fool running down main st into on comming traffic… but hopefully you can come up with something.

Using some of this stuff to add to the ar experience would go a long way towards repairing the damage to the ar game 1.5 spawn mechanics did.

Even adding biome mechanics to some addition spawns could greatly enhance the ar portion and make it more intresting… ie forested location have a chance of spawning x regardless of the locale one is in.

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I’m all for being chased by a Rex


Are you saying that water creatures should spawn in the water? Cuz that sounds horrible to implement. Not everyone lives by water.

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Depends on your definition of water… and what can be flagged as a water source. Most towns have atleast some kind of source of water. Water towers, water reservoirs, streams, ponds, water treatment plants. Doesnt have to be a lake or ocean…

It doesnt have to be the only place they spawn either… they can just be easier to find around water…

And its not like Ludia has to do any kind of serious work as the information is already part of the current platform they use. One of the perks of this platform is google is always adding stuff that can be implemented quickly.


Any work is too much for them