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Dino Countering Tactics


What are y’all’s favorite countering tricks for the dinos you face?

My favorite is my Suchotator vs. Indoraptor. Indoraptors usually do the same thing…
Evasive Stance, countered by Nullifying Impact
Instant Distraction to counter Shattering Rampage
Cleansing Impact, answered by Lethal Wound
Then you pop another Instant Distraction, and you’ve licked an Indoraptor 5 levels higher than you! :smiley:
Suchotator’s always my favorite dinosaur to start with. People usually start with their bleeders first, and Suchotator can take them out. Clears the way for my Trykosaurus!

Alankylosaurus is also really nice against Indominus Rex and Erlidominus. And further on the Erlidominus…
Best Dracoceratops counter: Erlidominus
Best Erlidominus counter: Dracoceratops
Trykosaurus is good for that too, though…


I don’t want to say because I don’t want my secrets to get out. :smiling_imp:

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I absolutely love when people open with a bleeder. My first dino is always sacraficial. Most of my matches end 3 -1


One word: Apato.

Pinning strike has no cooldown. It is one after another: BAM BAM BAM.

Decelerating Impact has a one turn cooldown to mix it up, BAM, Boom, BAM, Boom!

It is over before they even realize what happened.

With its massive health pool, it always has enough for their next up.

Bleeders? Ha! It has so much HP it takes Lethal wound 4 turns to do it in, too much HP to kill in 3 moves. It is the slowest Dino in the game, so you always get to see their move first, no speed ties with this baby! You let them setup their move first, then… BAM! Pinning strike! BOOM! Decel impact!