Dino darting

At what point do players stop darting specific dinos? Typically I stop @ 30k + a 2xdonation. Am wondering though if I should just keep relentlessly darting (yet to start on uniques although I’m close to a couple)


It’s always good to continue darting dinos, once you get the dino max lvl 30, then you can slow down

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Is there a max dna you can carry at a ftp player?

There is no limit to how much dna you can dart, it shows a certain amount of dna but you still go over the cap number, for example my velo says 250k+ but Ik I’m in the 300-400k range

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For commons the visual cap is 250k and the true cap is 500k (you can only see how much you have when someone requests something; it shows the true amount on the alliance page).

Rare visual cap is 100k, Epic is 25k, Legendary is 10k, Unique is 4k. True cap is doubled on all of those, I believe (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

A good lesson in this game is to dart everything

You never know when something will turn from trash dna to insanely useful

Look at gorgo and dracorex gen 2 for an example


Very good advice :slight_smile:

Fair enough. I was just wondering what other players do. Will keep darting the ones that appear in every zone then.

If it’s something like a Common where I have maxed out the DNA then I don’t bother unless I have a daily mission to collect so much Common DNA. Otherwise I always dart everything because even if it isn’t something I need it may one day have a hybrid or someone in my Alliance might request that DNA.

Dart everything. Except if you have reached the cap (not the visual one). If you are short darts, then prioritise rare and above rarities first. For instance for commons I only dart draco2 at the moment as I ran out of it and need 100k to finish phorurex. Otherwise I dart sometimes mono2 when I don’t have anymore to donate as it is a good source of coins (so it is a good return on investment to use darts on it).