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Dino Data Spreadsheet

So wanted to share something I’ve been working on and see if anyone else wants to contribute and/or use it. As much as I love the Fandom site, I find it’s really tedious to try and figure out things like which dinos have similar hatch times, and I also wanted something that would give me ferocity information, be sortable by different fields, etc.

So I’ve been working on this Google spreadsheet that puts all the most useful information in one place, with little thumbnail images of the creatures, separate sheets for land/aquatic/cenozoic, and that you can sort by things like hatch time, DNA cost, or ferocity. The ferocities are automatically calculated from the health and attack for you (when you insert new rows you’ll need to copy those formulas to them, I assume most of you know how to do that). I only have a start on getting everything in there, focusing mainly on my own current backlog of stuff to hatch, so definitely could use help adding to it, so I’ve made a copy of my original sheet that is editable to users of this forum. You can also make a copy for your own use, if you want to make your own additions (I might do one for my top lineups for instance with whatever current levels they are at).

Here’s the link, comments welcome!


Very very nice, I’ve started something similar, maybe I can add some information. As a start I tried to add lvl 20 stats for Metoposaurus, it seems to work.


Yup, they are showing up. The level 20 and 30 stats were missing on the fandom site for him.

What I’ll probably do is work mostly on adding the rest of the dino names and images and then go back and update stats later. That way they will already be inserted into the spreadsheet if anyone else wants to help with the stats.

The one thing I couldn’t decide on was whether to give hybrids their own separate tab but for now, I just have them listed in their same groups.

You do not necessarily need to wait for others to complete your sheet or to look for the real figures.
My analysis showed that all creatures except superhybrids have nearly the same procentual increase in health, attack and ferocity. I did collect it for a number of dinos, aquatics and cenezoics and calculated an average figure. For most of them the difference to the real numbers is less than 1%. It is more accurate the higher the ferocity of the creature is.

Level 10 to 20: 71,23%
Level 20 to 30: 52,35%
Level 30 to 40: 41,55% (lvl30to40)

Once you know the level 40 numbers of an animal, which you can find in the market for all of them except for VIPs, you can calculate the other figures very easily.

lvl30 = lvl40 / (1 + lvl30to40)
And then a similar formula for lvl20 and lvl10.

Example for Apatosaurus:
Real lvl 40 ferocity 9575.6
Real lvl 30 ferocity 6768.8, calculated 6764.82
Real lvl 20 ferocity 4440.4, calculated 4440.31
Real lvl 10 ferocity 2593.6, calculated 2593.19

lvl 40: 24834.8
lvl 30: 17551.6 against 17599.21
lvl 20: 11517 against 11516.18
lvl 10: 6723.6 against 6725.56

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Hhm, that’s really neat. I could integrate that into the sheet as a formula too (perhaps using a different color to note that it’s an estimate).

I have a good amount of this data already in a sheet for my tracking of code 19’s for the Jurassic creatures as I have been trying to crack the coding on how it decides to give the rewards that it does. I just don’t have the hatch times and DNA cost which could be filled in later.

I will try to work on getting the data into the sheet that I do have and the other information can be filled in later.


Oops, we started duplicating each other. I’m going to quit for the night, so you can add whatever you want, and I’ll clean up the formatting tomorrow. I usually just insert a row in alphabetical order, but I can copy formats and re-sort pretty easily no matter where they get added.

Maybe we can add a column for cooldown. On that I am absolutely naked only wild guessing.

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Yes, I would LOVE cooldown times added! I didn’t really understand the method for figuring those out, needed to dig into those more.

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It seems that some of us, the crazy guys, started to collect the same kind of data. It is a really great idea that @Mary_Jo started to establish some kind of data warehouse for all of us.
To avoid confusion I propose that we nominate her as the master of disaster. One of us (@Mary_Jo) should enter static data, as names, classification and pictures and everyone who wants can fill in the missing data that he has.

I don’t have a problem if you want to wait for me to add the entry for each first, but it’s not particularly necessary, the way I have the sheet designed. As I said, it’s pretty easy for me to copy all the formatting to rows added at the end and then resort the sheet so it’s in alphabetical order, although as I mention, one of the things I like is being able to sort on any of the columns, if for instance, I want to see the hatch times that are closest, etc. But for doing things like that, you would probably want to pull down a personal copy.

I do also have access to the full edit history so if someone REALLY messed it up somehow I can always roll it back to a working version.

It is just my personal laziness, to be honest I do not like the idea to check the list each time I want to enter a new animal if it is already there.
If we are not very accurate this could lead to double and redundant entries.
By having one person responsible for the static data and layout we can avoid this.

PS: I noticed you changed from a cat to a fairy.

Yeah, I can see that it’d be easier if all the entries were kept alphabetical for that reason.

LOL, a fairy. No, that’s my Dr Who TARDIS cosplay actually. You can’t see the entire dress (which opens up to show the console… yes, it’s bigger on the inside!) but you can just make out the hat that mimics the light on the top of the TARDIS which I have rigged with a flashing light inside. And yeah I noticed you changed your avatar so thought I would too!

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I’m not as old as my avatar suggests. I used to grow up with a brother who is ten years older as I am. We shared the same bedroom and I had to listen to 70th rock music (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin) all day long which vaccinated me for lifetime.

Sounds like we had similar older brothers… Led Zeppelin was a favorite of mine as well… along with Genesis (Peter Gabriel), Yes, 3 Dog Night, etc.

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Just FYI - I probably won’t be getting much done on this again until the weekend at the earliest. Have a lot of personal stuff going on right now.

There is no need to hurry. Personal matters are much more important.
I’ve had a look at the Cenezoics this morning. I think that I have completed most of the static data, without formatting and formulas.
Do you think this is ok?

Maybe I have time to go in for the Aquatics this weekend.

5 hours later: Seems to be a boring day for me, nothing else to do. I’ve finished cenezoics and aquatics with all that I have so far. I also started to complete the Jurassic sheet.

12 hours later: I have entered all that I have gathered so far. Sorry if I made some double entries.


Wow @Tommi - thanks for all your hard work! I formatted and moved all your new ones into place, only found a couple duplicates to remove.


That’s teamwork.