Dino Data Spreadsheet

Indeed it is! I’ll work over the weekend adding all the images and whatever dna cost and hatch times are missing that I can find on the Fandom site. I added columns to add cooldown times to the Jurassic sheet if we want to start trying to add those, I’ll get them added to the other two as well. Also added Super Hybrids to the Creation Lab tab, don’t have much info on how those compare with regular hybrids.

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Cool down will be very tough. I am not sure if only two or three of us, if Sionsith likes to participate, will be very successful.

Do you plan to collect cooldowns only for lvl 40 or for other levels as well?

I am not sure how to collect a cooldown. As a matter of fact what we collect will never be absolute accurate because some time is going to pass by before we find all concerned animals after a fight again in a battle menu.

I put a column in for all levels (10/20/30/40). I know this will be the hardest to collect, but it’s certainly something people have often asked about so worth doing even if it takes us a long time to get them.

I added some of mine already, I just go back into the battle menu as soon as I finish one and find the ones I just used, I adjusted based on how much time I estimate has passed… and yes, it’s never going to be 100% accurate but anything within a minute or two certainly is good enough for information’s sake.

With a little bit luck there is a linear relation for cooldown as it obviously is for ferocity, you remember my post above.
In that case we need to collect cooldowns for a representative number of creatures for all levels to deduce a reliable relation. After that we need “only” lvl 40 cooldowns for all others and can calculate the rest.

Yes, if we can come up with a reasonably accurate way of calculating it, I can integrate that into the spreadsheet so it does it automatically, the way that I have it doing ferocity. That would definitely be ideal.

I’ve read over the post from @sionsith on calculating the cooldowns and using that to put in some formulas in my spreadsheet to estimate cooldowns. I have the lvl 10 VIPs/Tournaments using these now. They came out pretty close to the ones I had entered.

This would be how I would do it, something like the formula is the default and if someone wants to add in a more accurate number they could, I just don’t have formulas for the commons and common hybrids since their cool downs are so fast.


I forgot, once again great work @Sionsith.

Yeah, that post was a big help, the tricky part was just trying to find a way to get the google sheet to automatically convert it to a time display of some kind, ultimately I had to switch to HH:MM:SS as I couldn’t find an easy way to do it with my original days, hours, minutes. I’m no spreadsheet expert though, so if anyone else can figure that out, I think it definitely would be better using the latter.

Commons definitely aren’t worth worrying about, looks like it also doesn’t include normal rares, and lvl 10 Super Rares. Not sure any of these are of particular concern either.

Finished all the thumbnail photos for the Jurassics and aquatics, lot of work to do all of these, but I think they really add a lot being on there (particularly if you zoom the view up).

Also added more of the cooldown estimates… I noticed some had been manually added, but didn’t appear to be in the right format. Please make sure when entering them to use hours:minutes:seconds. I know this isn’t as nice as if we did them in days:hours:minutes, but as I mentioned in my last post, I couldn’t find a way to get the spreadsheet to format the duration calculated by the formula using a day/time format, so to have them match, we need to use hours.

As an FYI - if you find the sheet sorted other than alphabetically, I probably am working on it… it’s much easier for me to do the cooldown formulas with the dinos sorted together by class for instance.


I have been thinking today on how to convert the time to days hours minutes, but will need to mess around with some formulas to see if it will work. I haven’t messed around much with google docs so I will need to experiment. I have thought of a long drawn out formula for excel just need to see if I can get it in to a working formula.

Yeah I’m sure it’s possible, probably you’d have to do one calculation to get the days, then another to get the remaining time. I just don’t work with spreadsheets enough to know exactly how to do that.

You need two functions for this, “div” and “mod”, at least in Excel.
“Div” returns the integer part of a division, “mod” returns the rest of a division.

Example for 51 hours:
51 div 24 = 2 which are the days. An alternative for this would be Int(51/24), but depending on the tool or programming language you use there can be rounding issues.

51 mod 24 = 3 which are the remaining hours.

The rest could be accomplished with some string operations.

Well the challenge as well is having a format on the field that will work for either the formula OR if someone manually enters a more accurate time for the cooldown. Currently I have the same format on the entire column and it works for either. I can see that being an issue if the calculation starts getting split up into different pieces.

You are probably right. Looking at the the actual format I have to admit that it has a certain charme.

Not sure about charm, but it’s definitely elegant in its simplicity for all that it has to be able to do. And ultimately, I’m not sure it matters all that much, since there’s relatively few that go into the “days” range of cooldowns, and once you are dealing with ones that long, I’m not sure being able to easily separate the days from the hours is all that important.

I could change the format to not include the seconds on the end at least… since that’s a level of accuracy we don’t need or really have.

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I have added a formula to set the correct format for days, hours, and minutes of the cool down, I just can’t space the columns to show the data.

If you guys are okay with the format, I will add it to the other sheets as well.


Would it be possible to use the DD:HH:MM format? Rather than having the xD xH XM? Since that’s how all the other time ranges are done (and personally I find it easier to read as well).

NM - I played around with it on one of the cells, and it definitely is easy enough to change. I can fix the headers and tweak the column widths later when I have more time. Nice job!