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Dino Data Spreadsheet



Cool thanks! Now why is that info so hard to find in the game?! Looks like only the level 8 attack is different, have you ever verified that?

I haven’t done the actual calculations that screen shot was from the FB page from about a year ago.

All of the 6 and down seem to be accurate if I am going 7 or more attack it is usually overkill. However I believe that it is correct as I remember in Boss fights actually calculating out the damage. So I believe it is accurate.

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Okay, thanks. The calculators are a lot older than that so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was something that had been changed since then.

Now if I could just get whoever keeps re-sorting the spreadsheet by type and/or class and leaving it that way to CUT IT OUT! If you are using the desktop version, that has filter view support, then you don’t even NEED to use the regular sorts that mess the order up for everyone else, use the Filters which will modify ONLY what you are seeing and not what everyone else gets too. If you are on mobile, then either make a personal copy to use OR put the sort back to alphabetic by name when you are done using it.

Arrgh, and literally minutes after I posted this, they changed the sort AGAIN. So for the time being, I’m putting the spreadsheet into view-only mode… if you use it a lot and would really like to have Edit capability to make updates and/or have your own copy to use for custom sorts etc. just message me privately about getting access. Hopefully with it being turned off for public use this problem user will find other things to entertain themselves with.

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I believe the level 40 diplosuchus stats are a bit off. Should be 3415/1410.

Thanks for catching that, yeah I must have used the ones from Fandom as they were the same as on there which were incorrect.

I put the spreadsheet back on Edit access… and of course today it’s resorted again. Sigh. I will never understand people that are so narcissistic and ruin things for everyone else. If whoever keeps doing this is reading this forum (which they must be to know about it) shame on you.

Remove the access and keep it under your control only.
All of us that are interested in keeping it up to date can give you the necessary data via this topic.

I’ll just continue to turn off the Edit whenever I’m really actively using the spreadsheet as I was the last couple weeks, but leaving it on the rest of the time. I’d rather people could add updates themselves (particularly with the ceno hatch times all needing to be updated). After all, it’s not like this person is doing something really obnoxious like putting invalid data on there, it’s just mostly an annoying inconvenience any time you need to find a particular dino to update that it’s never sorted the right way. But turning off the Edit greatly limits people’s ability to sort the data for themselves, and there’s definitely a lot of times when you would want to (I often sort by hatch time when I’m looking for things to put in with similar times for instance). The Filter Views would still work, since those don’t actually change the spreadsheet for everyone else (so if you use the desktop Sheet, that’s the best way to do sorts). But unfortunately those are not available in the crappy mobile apps.

If I want to sort or filter data in the spreadsheet I make a lokal Excel copy on my desktop to work with it.

@Mary_Jo, hatch time for Tapejalocephalus is 20H16M.

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The statistics for Velociraptor 2nd gen are

  • Level 10: 289 / 60
  • Level 20: 494 / 103
  • Level 30: 754 / 157
  • Level 40: 1066 / 222

Finally got around to adding these new Gen 2 dinos. Added what stats I have but since I haven’t bothered to even hatch the T-Rex I don’t have much on that. I know we mentioned the hatch time on the raptor elsewhere, anyone remember it? I know it was very close, but not quite, a full day.

i have added the hatch time and the stats for the T-Rex Gen 2.


I entered some informations for Archaeophicyon.:wolf:

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23h37m was the hatch time I got… and apparently I had to make this post longer…

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One good thing about Eucladoceros being picked for CoT will be finally having the stats for it on the spreadsheet. Does bug me seeing all those empty spots on there! Only only creature we’re missing level stats on is the lvl 30 stats for Leedisichtys. (For some reason whoever took the evolution shots for the Fandom site did level 21 instead of level 30).

Just a reminder that we still need a lot of the hatch times for the new cenos. So if you go to hatch anything, particularly legendaries and tournies, be sure to add it or post it here!

I keep my own spreadsheet for the things I find most useful (like hatch times) and have been forgetting to update yours. Sorry about that! Went in and added what I have for cenozoic hatch times - had a fair few that were missing. Also had level 10 stats for Euclado so put those in too. I’ll try and remember more so to send that data your way!


Fantastic, we’re just missing a few now! I filled in 7 days for the two snakes, since 99.9% chance that’s what they are as well, but we can verify for sure in time. I’m trying to check the list before deciding what to hatch to try and get the last few. Also, anyone that is newer in the game or who has another account starting from the beginning, the Fandom site needs a lot of the Evo Rewards updated, as all the food amounts changed, and some of the other ones as well, and once you hatch one at that level there’s no way (I know of) to see what the rewards are. So it’s the one thing that’s going to be the hardest to update for these. You can click on the creature name in the spreadsheet (at least on the desktop version) to access the link to its Fandom page if you want to see if we have updated their reward info yet, or just post them here, or in a PM to me if you’d like to help out.