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Dino Data Spreadsheet

Yeah it caught me by surprise. They timed up the hatchery speedup with the creation lab speedup. Not bad actually, as long as we know what’s going on.

Is hot times not on the spreadsheet anymore? I don’t see it.

Edit: nevermind, I see it now, sorry.

I feel like the ones that say 9-11p EST for the VIP discounts are no longer correct. I think maybe they have moved to 8-10p EST can someone else confirm this? I have missed two hatchery discounts now thinking that it is the 9-11 slot :frowning: but I also haven’t tracked these so I can’t say for sure that they were even there for the 8-10 window either.

Yes, they moved earlier. I didn’t pay close enough attention to track it all, but I believe the hatchery discount ended at 6pm PST today (9pm EST)

I saw that both the Fusion Lab discount and the VIP hatchery discount were on at the same time. I don’t know if that is how it was before but on the spreadsheet it shows them being available at different times

Yep, saw that too. Took a lot of restraint to save the DBs and just wait for my hatching to finish tomorrow, lol.

I have the same problem with the 10%, 15%, and 20% hatchery discounts. I would rather wait until the 20% hatchery discount comes around but by then the creature I want to hatch is already hatched anyway.

My challenge is since I want to keep my market clean, am I better off using the Hatchery discount, and saving DBs… or the Market one and saving DNA. It usually depends on what I currently have cooking at the time when it rolls around and if I manage to catch it. Definitely helps with the additional VIP ones, I usually check into the game often enough during the day to catch them regardless so don’t usually pay that close attention to what’s on the spreadsheet.


I would really appreciate if Ludia would notice some day that not all of their players live on the east or west coast of the USA.

Having some of the discount in the middle of the night or during normal working time in some time zones is ridiculous and extremely unfair.

Or do they think that only kids and retired persons play their game?


They probably don’t even realise that non-forum and not-on-social-media-players exist, as they are not at all informed during Scheduled Maintainence, Updates, Crashes, Glitches, etc.


15% hybrid discount for me is from midnight to 2am lol

In the end we all will become zombies…dino zombies…a great addition to the park. :zombie:‍♂


Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 10.44.25 PM

Zalmonodon, Tournament hybrid :wink:

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Need to update the discount for VIP’s today for hatchery to 4-6 pm PST.

Edit: I just checked and it seems to already be set to that, need to update my own time frame to that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That must have just been updated; it wasn’t like that last night. I was about to suggest it too.

At your suggestion


I just put an Entelorhacos in my hatchery and was pleasantly surprised to find the hatch time is 2d16hr, not 7d.

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Does anyone know the hatching times of Tarbosaurus and Dimetrocarnus.
Thank you

Can someone else confirm it?

Yes I thought that would of been too much considering indricoceros is 3 days