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Dino Data Spreadsheet

@Mary_Jo thxs so much for making this you and your team deserve these cookies
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Slight suggestion. I don’t know if anyone has the time and resources to do this, but could you please add stats for levels 1, 11, 21, and 31? At the very least, add Level 1. I can think of so many scenarios where people would want that information. Say they just did the Halloween Gyro and are wondering how strong Indominus is. Say they just got their first VIP. Or if they decided to evolve one of their stronger dinos only to find out that the level 31 is 500 ferocity and 1 hour cooldown higher than they expected. Thanks in advance if anyone does this :slight_smile:

I link every creature to its corresponding Fandom info page, which is where people can find and/or enter all the level data that they want. These levels are not ones you can get in the game easily unless you are currently AT that level yourself (as opposed to the 10/20/30/40 levels which can be viewed regardless of the level your creatures are at) so trying to add it for all the existing creatures is definitely not a task I wish to take on, or have to deal with maintaining.

The spreadsheet is never going to be able to have every single piece of information players might want to have in the game, and every new thing we add is more stuff we have to keep up-to-date. So sometimes you have to use other sources, or just use some common sense in making a best guess. I just finished filling in all the coin max times that someone else started and never bothered to finish… far too often that has been the case when someone decided to add some new data element, it never gets finished and/or kept accurate.


@Mary_Jo I am currently having major examinations that would end on the 26th, so sorry you had to finish what I did not…

Something I just found. Story Mission 25.4 (Contingency Plan) on the spreadsheet says 25 level 40 dinos. However, mine was only for 10. Is this a bug in the game? There was a previous mission for 20 so I find it hard to believe that this was supposed to be for 10…

I don’t have a screenshot unfortunately, it instantly completed and I didn’t think to stop before hitting Collect. However, I only have 20 level 40 dinos so that’s proof that it was definitely not asking for 25.

My screenshot from June shows 25. That doesn’t mean it didn’t change, because the Missions do change from time to time. Can anyone confirm

Interesting. Mine had the exact same rewards but different criteria.

I’m not sure if the spreadsheet has been updated. I believe after an update Ludia decreased the requirements for a lot of the missions.

If anyone would care to post screenshots to compare to what @Timmah, myself, and a few others posted last spring and summer, please do so. We need to have the most up to date data possible


Okay, I’ll let you know if anything else comes up. I know for fact that my Mission 25.4 was only 10 level 40 dinos though, 100% sure. You might want someone to get photo confirmation since I don’t have it but

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Found another update. Mission 26.1 on the spreadsheet says 8 carnivores and pterosaurs level 31+. It’s 5 now.


@Mary_Jo fyi

I’ll take another screenshot of the upcoming Herbivores + Amphibians one but I expect that one’s gonna be 5 as well.


Can anyone tell me the cost of allonogmius? On the spreadsheet it says he costs more than segno, but hes lower here…

I’m thinking of working on him next as he has such short cooldown compared to the other carnis I can get cera and yudon

He is expensive the cost is most likely accurate on the spreadsheet.

Edit: they finally dropped his price!!! That was the old price, need someone that has unlocked it to get us the new cost for it, might have dropped it by 10,000 DNA.


It’s been updated with the new price.


Thanks @Mary_Jo maybe they will reduce glythronax in the future aswell.

Yes that’s the most noticeable over-charge right now, although most of the newer ones are all somewhat overpriced.


Okay I have photo evidence of Mission 26.2 as well. I’m not posting it unless you guys need it but Mission 26.2 has been reduced to 5 of each as well.

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Please post any and all additions or corrections to the Story Missions