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Dino Data Spreadsheet

I have the same mission and I have exactly 9 level 40 dinosaurs like you!

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Dear @Mary_Jo In order not to mess with the other members of the Forum can you please modify the statistics of the edmontosaurus ?

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The various people that edit the spreadsheet work on it as we have time and it is convenient to do so. It’s a volunteer effort so please be patient and not demanding of us making updates to it.


Just wondering if anyone has noticed the hot time hatchery discounts seem to have become scarce. Like the VIP one this evening was not on. I wonder if the update changed the times.

I don’t see a VIP hatchery discount on Tuesday evenings. There was one this morning. There was also a fusion discount in the afternoon. I used both so I can verify they were active.

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Are you thinking of the Wednesday evening hatchery discount?


Duh! Yes got my days mixed up. Just to confirm the times are ET correct?


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I am pleased to announce that the Story Missions tab has been completed.

Now, some sucker, I mean helpful player needs to go through and see what recent updates have changed. And that would require starting a new game…


Wow Andy that’s fantastic! Thanks for putting in all that work, I know that’s going to be really helpful for newer players even if they aren’t all correct any more due to Ludia continuing to change them.

On another topic, we do need to get lvl 20/30 stats for the new Ankylo Gen 2 VIP, so as soon as someone is able to create these, be sure to post the stats for us! Usually with new creatures we have players that level up copies pretty quickly but a new 50K VIP is a bit of a different challenge.


Mission 40.2 must have an error. I never had 29 carnivores level 30 and passed it.

What Mission are you on?

Edit: In any event, the Mission was current as of April 2020. No one else has posted an updated screenshot, so that’s all we have to go by.

May be its bugged. I just counted them again, I have 21 carnivores over 30.

Ss is definitely wrong about this one

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@Alex_Artemenko can you post that updated screenshot on the thread linked below? I’ll update the spreadsheet right now.