Dino disappointments

Anyone ever wanted to put a dinosaur in their team so badly, and then when they finally get it, they’re left thinking it wasn’t worth the hassle?

Since I first saw the pictures, I really wanted to get Gigaspikasaurus. Finally got her. Despite hearing bad things, I still wanted to give her a try on the team.
…If anything needs a buff, it’s this girl. She’s got a near identical moveset to Stegodeus, but just manages to be worse in nearly every possible way. So disappointed.

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I am level 13 and sitting around 3500 trophies. I really thought if I leveled Dimodactylus to 15 she would have a spot on my team. NOPE … Now I need to consider if she is worth bringing to 18-20, still thinking no.

That happens a lot when your team gets high level. Most of my dinos are 24+. Finally unlocked Utarinex a few weeks ago and was so disappointed. Finally get her to 23 today and worked on how to use her and feel better about all the driving around looking for Dracorex.

Had same thing with Spinotahsuchus. Took many weeks for her due to my big misfortune and many many 10s. And once I got her and started battling with her, I soon felt like she wasn‘t worth the effort and I should‘ve been using the Kapro DNA for Gorgo.
Still don‘t like her that much. She‘s fast and good against tanks, but has poor health and I always lost her against some op raptors or worse, immune creatures.

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When I started I wanted to put Secodontosaurus on my team…but then Postimetrodon came and obliterated any chance of Secodontosaurus being on my team…

i guess we should compare monostego or stegoceratops to stegodeus too since they require stegosaurus to create… giga is not a stegodeus and shouldnt be compared imo. i love my giga at 26 on my team. i understand though… you share a different experience.

I’m at L22 (23 when the coins are there). It’s a bit of a kamikaze dino. It can do a lot of damage - just don’t expect it to survive. I use it on tryko and trago. Swap in bleed, then stack lethal wound on it - then get crushed. It usually takes them out. I like it, it’s weird.

Dracoceratops is my disappointment. I was looking forward to the swap in stun, and the rest of the moves, but the swap in stun rarely works, and you have to make sure the dino you’re facing is slower than you or it’s rather pointless even if it does work. Got mine to 23, but stopped for now. Faced a L29 once and it wasn’t too difficult to crush.

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Megalosuchus. The nerf in 1.5 made it a permanent pasture ornament for me.

Megalosuchus didn’t get nerfed lol. It lost 95 hp for armor-piercing counter. That’s more than a fair trade.

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@Ardens Of course it doesn’t hurt when your Mega is 26-27… amIright?? You crushed me w/ that guy not too long ago! :wink:

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It dies way too easy and now has less hps. It was a nerf especially since most people agree it needs a buff. Armor piercing counter attack means jack in a meta that doesn’t include tanks.

She has crushed many a foe lol

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You’re probably not using it well then.