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Dino discussion

Doing some theory crafting and was curious on thoughts. This guy can put out 88 percent hp with a swap out simultaneously. If combined with a swap in stun against a suceptible dino, this would mean death. And the spino would only take 1 hit. With almost 7k hp, this could possibly be repeated in the same battle. That’s my thought process anyways.

Only 3 of the tyrant class Dino’s are immune to dot, and this could be an excellent dino to deal with dio, tryko, and gemini/maxima

I’d love counterarguments or reinforcement on whether or not I should pursue this or not.

I would say no because of the swap creatures available now. Cera, Monolorhino, and W.Rhino plus Hadros that will heal itself will surely leave you regretting it I feel.

I think you’re forgetting it’ll get Decelerated on turn 1 and then most likely KOd on turn 2.

Thanks for the replies. I will not invest :grin: