Dino does not Show Up in my list of owned Dinos

So it is me again, with another question…but you can only learn by asking some questions.

So i am now the proud owner of a baryonix wich i got from a gold Pack vor 10.000 loyalty Points…but when i Look in the Market with the Filter on “owned” the baryonix isn’t there. I know i can’t buy any of this Dino but all my Others Dinos Show Up there, even those who i can only get in Higher Battle stages but i already own.
So why does my baryonix don’t Show Up but Others Dinos (that i technically also can’t own to this Point in the game) do Show Up?

You only see those VIPs in your market that are ready to be hatched. You never see any other VIP in your market because you can’t buy them, even if you owe one.


VIP creatures only show up in the market if you have one to hatch

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Aha that explains it. Again Thank you for your fast answers.