Dino eggs and nests, incentives for take a good walk


Grettings everyone :slight_smile:

Someone had already propose a similar idea, but i have another suggestions about the incorporation of dinos eggs and nests. We know that they are alive in our wold and they can be everywhere doing dino things… and when i say “dino things” :blush:

I think the map needs some especial things in the parks, not just the especial event localizations full of dinos that we can’t catch because we are out of trials, we need something like the treasure boxes that we’ve seing in this days randomly on the map. The dino nests could be something interesting to see, but we have to give it some especial meaning, not just dinos doing dino things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When a player found and touch the nests, you can drop an egg of an unknown specie. The player “take care” of the egg walking around some miles… After a determinate amount of miles, the egg hatch. When you have this dino baby, you give it to the Dinosaur protection group. They thank you about the dino you’ve saved and they rewards you with DNA of the dino.

Till here, the idea is general and needs some discussion about the rewards or the dinos that you can find in the eggs. I’m against the idea of finding hibrid dinos, because doesn’t make any sense, a nodosaurus doesn’t want an apatosaurus for doing dino things… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

The main reason for this idea, is to incentivize players to take a good walk, or for supporting those players that don’t have time for walks but that are constantly travel in a bus, subway, whatever. So, about the locations of the nests, i think that you have to pull it in green areas, not just the big parks.

That’s all, i hope you like the idea and have a nice discussion about this. I’m sorry if i sound weird, i’m a chilean player. Good luck. :wink:


I like my idea of when you go to pick up the eggs, you have to battle the mother of that egg to get it in a one on one battle. They need to add different and unique things to the game.

They could incorporate distance walked under 10 mph to hatch an egg to get people out and moving. It could be like 1 km for commons, 3 km for rares, 5 km for epics and 10 km for a legendary. They could also hatch by how many drops you hit… 5 for commons, 10 for rares, 20 for epics and 40 for a legendary. They could either do it one at a time or all in your pack. Just throwing things out. They could do incubators like Pokemon but they should do something a little different.


Dino nest when you walk in haha collect free DNA sample’s :open_mouth:


But from which animal is the nest, if you choose correct you saved some DNA! :stuck_out_tongue:


Really like the idea of fighting the “parents”, but they have to give them more power, not a lvl 8 or 10 like the strikes events, this dino parents have to be real bosses :raised_hands: