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Dino Event Rotation


Okay, maybe we cant choose what dinos show from the multi dino event, but could their spawns rotate? I thought today was only dinochirus cuz that is all thats spawning til i noticed and looked at a drop on the edge of my map to see a velociraptor.
Gee, would be nice… all I am fetting are the same dino and I dont use it in roster. The velociraptor is 1 stop, but is too dang far away for me to walk to. Could dinos rotate after an hour then instead of being chosen? Like for 1 hour dinochirus will spawn, next hour velociraptor, next hour different dino, fourth hour back to dinochirus. Then ppl who cant travel and/or live rural could have a chance to catch morevthan one kind of dino. Please? I could at least use the vraptor dna.


They will change, but not every hour.
I think might be every 24hr, the event spot will change spawn dino.

I suggest if we can use some coin to alter the event dino in once.
(ex: A event spot spawn V-raptor in 24hr, but we use 500 coin to get into a Gallimimus dart for your own,
and next time will still spawn V-raptor, but you can use 500 coin to select Galli again.)
That might be a useful function.


I agree, the respawn should be different. For those who live in areas with not so much green drops this will help a lot. And no losses for those who live in big cities and have 99 green supply boxes in their block.


Wait, don’t they change when respawning?

Was in bus yesterday (=> city) and saw a Deinocheirus Drop on the way (ignored it) … on my way back (=> home) 2-3 hours later I saw a Gallimimus at the exact same Drop.

Respawn Time for Commons now: 1 hour


It can respawn the same dino. I wish that the respawing rng disable the same dino to respawn again and again, this is happening in my city. 24-48 hour the same dino in the same green drop :sob:


I walk 2 miles to the gym and 2 miles home three days a week. On this route, there are 3 green drops. I usually spend an hour or so at the gym, and then head home, and the same dinosaur has always respawned at the same drop, meaning if I needed something different it’s unlikely to reappear. Very fruatrating, especially since I live in the UK and my event times are slightly wonky.


I have one Event Park Stop in my town and I’ve never noticed them changing Dinos. It’s seriously a high disadvantage because I can’t get most of the event dinos due to it spawning only one of the event dinos. I’ve missed out on some serious DNA for my Hybrids due to them making it to where there’s multiple dinos per event day i.e. the park spawn was a Secondasaur and the event was for that plus Mono and Ouran. Guess what I got the whole time? The one who didn’t have a hybrid… I work 6 days a week and I’m not able to travel to different towns or cities just to hunt down some event dinos.


Hmm, it’s weird … my Event Drops rotate dinosaurs most of the time (especially if there are so many in rotation and the timer is just an hour).

But I’m from Germany, maybe it’s different. :thinking:


2 event drops 5 minutes from the office - so far they have consistently delivered Gallimimus - nothing else; rares regularly spawn near the location as well. So, wait for a rare to appear then walk down grab that and 2 x Gallimimus and replenish darts. And repeat … Gallimimus currently Level 8.


We have a huge lake in our city … surrounded by an even bigger park. You could just walk round and round and will bypass up to 50x Event Stops. Yeah, it’s pretty hot here today (40°C or 100°F) … but it’s still nice there, some wind … oh yeah. That park won some kind of international award years ago … it’s really big and awesome.

And we got a bus line which is just driving around downtown … again and again. It’s pretty empty most of the time because it’s not reaching the residential areas outside and got good ACs. It’s driving over the bridge on the screen as well, so a pretty perfect line for JWA hunting (it’s not too fast as well, because there are many red lights and other cars during rush hour). Just sad that it’s not existing during night … daytime only line.

So visit me … it’s the perfect city for playing JWA! :wink:


You’re living the dino catching dream, dude