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Dino Fest

I went to a museum yesterday for the 4th annual Dino Fest. I wanted to share some photos from the event that I hope everyone will enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow I’m jealous. My girlfriend and I want to go see a dinosaur museum so bad with real fossils.

Those Jurassic Park vehicles are so cool. I’d love to have seen them in person. Our goal is to have the jp Jeep haha.

Thanks for sharing.

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I love this museum so much. It’s been one of my favorite places to go since I was a kid. :blush::heart:

I also love old architecture and seeing the older parts of the museum brings me a lot of joy too.

This statue is one of my favorites to see everytime I go. One represents art, the other history, and last but not least science.

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