Dino hunting gear


Thought I’d start a lighter thread than the usual here is my dinosaur hunting gear a couple of external battery packs and battery case for my phone :blush:
Let’s see how you do it


I like your setup Jon! When i looked at your post i thought you meant in-game character gear which would be a great idea.


Thanks it would be good to earn in game gear to add an extra dimension to the game.
Reason for the multiple battery packs is walking/cycling around for an hour or two drains the battery of my iPhone,should have added a pair or heatproof gloves as damn does my iPhone get hot in the hand after a while lol


Holy crap I know what you mean. My battery drains in 20 minutes if I try to battle and my phone gets so hot it actually starts to burn. So my solution is that I only battle at home with my phone plugged in and a cold pack under it.


I think there should be rain macs and t shirts with I play JW Alive … I’m on the hunt for Dinos (or something)

But yeah … super hot iPhone … I also take a tablet so when the iPhone goes into cook the hands mode I pop it in my pocket in mobile hot spot mode and use the cheap tablet I bought.


I use my Samsung phone/tablet while my iPhone is charging up and cooling down