Dino improvements


Some points for your consideration. In the next couple of patches here are some improvements that in my estimation need to be done.

  1. PVP:
    You should limit the matching of those not in the “Top 500” to less than a 250 point difference between the players. If you cannot find a player that is online in that metric, it should go to the AI player.
  2. Donating DNA:
    Either increase the amount you can donate or decrease the amount of delay time between requests.
  3. Supply drops/Incubator/Raids:
    This game was designed to get people outside and enjoying the great outdoors, but some people are limited and no able to be mobile for a variety of reasons. I get either all supply drops or just Incubator battles or raids. This makes it hard to complete the daily tasks and get all of the Incubator battles or raids. So could you put more supply drops, Incubators battles, and raids within a player’s Circle?
  4. Update some Dinos abilities:
    With the recent updates, you have added many flock dinos, you need to update some dino’s abilities with a group attack.
  5. Boosts for Dinos:
    When you make many changes in the game, please give us a boost reset. It is hard for non-paying players to compete. I would like to add the new dinos to my team but I want to remove the boosts from the dinos I remove from my team.