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Dino Level Reset Event (Poll)

The Boost Shuffle Event was pretty well received. Since updates change certain dinos moves and abilities, it was nice to invest in the ones we like, rather than having to leave our hard earned boosts in dinos we don’t want to have them in.

So can’t we do the same with creature levels and the coins and DNA it took to get them there? Just once? At least have it as an option. For one week. I think that would give everyone enough time.

Updates can positively or negatively change certain aspects of our dinos, so we might want to redirect our efforts to other dinos. I suggest this be an option for a limited time where we can drop any dino back down in increments of one level at a time, with the ability to drop them all the way down to level one. Including fused dinos.

It could also be helpful in the case of accidentally Evolving a dino. I have 2 dinos that I was fusing to get their DNA to evolve Uniques. I accidentally hit Evolve and wasted all that DNA and all those coins! There’s no way of undoing that.

So with a Reset Event, we get the coins and DNA back for what it cost to get them there, with NO penalty for DNA or coins. I’m sure if enough of us speak up about it, they will oblige. Hopefully. Thoughts? Vote and comment please! Thanks!

  • Yes, I’d like a Dino Reset Event
  • No, a Dino Reset Event is not a good idea

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Absolutely not.

What is it with people these days and the lack of accepting their own actions and decisions. People want easy mode whilst they don’t care what decisions they make in game?


While I agree with you about no Dino level reset, I can’t agree with the rest. The decisions we make entirely depends on Lydia. We, players doesn’t have any control. Only thing we have is whether to do or not. If we don’t, we will be left behind and if we did, we will loose our resources.


Personal i dont want a dino level reset
I plan on changing my team, nowhere near lv 30, even my highest lv is oy 26, 2 out of 8.
The thing id like is the option to undo a level up if i haven’t left the creature screen
Cuz yeah it happened to me to accidentally press evolved and get an legendary lv 21 by accident
But only if i haven’t left the creature screen, would be nice if u by mistake press evolve instead of multi fuse.

A game is an escape of the hard reality of life where there is no ctrl-z :wink:
But yeah, games are supposed to be somewhat challenging, where actions should have repercussions. So a definite no on this one.

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You still gotta think about hybrids. Maybe you got lucky with a couple big fuses. Now imagine how much it would take to get all that dna back

@GPx, did you do the boost shuffle? Or did you just leave everything where it was? I’m not asking for easy mode. And there is a difference between a decision and an accident or mistake. Like I said, and others have said, we accidentally Evolved while trying to Fuse for other Hybrids.

And other things are out of our hands. Ludia has nerfed some dinos and buffed others. Ones that used to be pretty stout are now mediocre. And vice versa. It would be nice just to get a chance to re-invest where the good stuff is after certain updates. DNA and coins are hard to come by for those who are not paying actual money in the game.

And maybe, to avoid that specific mistake, there should be a sliding button to Evolve, or something like, “Are you sure you want to Evolve this Dino for X amount?”

Just saying. So far, it seems most people are against it. But let’s see where it goes. We definitely need more feedback.

Definite no.

An improvement may be to have a confirmation button I agree. But a reset, no.


While it sounds AWESOME!! We all know there are bound to be bugs and more harm then good with this.

While it would be nice to be able to confirm/undo accidental level ups (since they happen a lot), I wouldn’t do a dino level reset.


So it looks like a no. About 66%.

Playing any games is about playing as good as we can to compensate for RNG and making sure we don’t make any costly mistakes.

The problem with this type of game, is that every time there’s a boost reset/shuffle, it does kill diversity completely because everybody simply correct their own mistakes/choices and happily go for the most OP dinos at their levels. Having a way to reset dinos on top of that would simply make things even worst.

Look at it this way: If tomorrow we suddenly had access to all the dinos level 30 and infinite boosts, most players would simply go for the top 8 to 10 dinos no matter what since after all, most players play to win. Sure, it would be fun to try some funky dinos and just have fun, but then, mistakes are not costly…

I do not think this a good idea due to the fact that players spend a lot of time grinding for this, and with the occasional really good numbers it would be almost impossible to do that again. It may take longer or shorter to evolve a unique but in my opinion this would just waste a lot of players time and DNA.

For example- Indoraptor is not meta relevant. and is at level 30. Dino reset happens. Indoraptor becomes meta relevant. and is a lower level now.

This is why I am against the dino reset