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Dino levels in challenges


Are the levels of the dinos in challenges the same for everyone or is it based on your arena? My best dinos are between level 7 and 10 and i’m facing level 20+ in the challenges. Doesnt make sense and I dont want to level up if the challenge levels will increase too


Yep, thats ludia. Only players who pay or players that are playing for a long time can battle in the harder strike events and win good prizes. For lower lvls there are strike events but they give very bad prizes. So, just keep playing. One day you’ll be able to defeat them! Good luck hunting! (Btw battle incubators are a good way to get dna.) and yes, the dinosaur lvl in these events are for everyone the same.


Thanks! I was 1 win away from arena 4 but was losing on purpose to stay in 3 just in case… knowing that, I’ll forge ahead


It same for everyone who star the game near 1 or 2 weeks. Just do a common one and lvl up your dino to star fusi for epic dino. Juat take your time for hunting and darting every dino in sigh.


Better stay on lower arena to collect stego and velo, you will need it to lvl both of them to 15 to star fusing stegod and indom.