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Dino lineup and progression

I’ve been playing for about a month now. I have been reading the forums but never posted. I have a couple questions on lineups and progressing overall. My park level is 41 and I’m trying to balance my team and want to know if I’m going the right direction or should create other hybrids or level up others.

This is what I use for tournaments and events


  • Concavenator (10)
  • Tanycolafreus (10)
  • trex (30) x2
  • Alangasaurus (40)


  • Anklyodocus (10)
  • Stegoceratops (20)
  • Labyrinthosaurus (30)


  • sarcosuchus (30) & 4 level 1’s
  • microposaurus (10) x 2
  • metriorhynchus (30)


  • Pteradon (30)
  • Scaphognathus (20)
  • Quetzalcoatlus (20)
  • Tapejara (30)

Left to hatch that I think are worth it.

  • darwinopterus x2 §
  • troodon x1 ©
  • kentrosaurus x1 (H)
  • itchyostega x5 (A)

Should I get one of each group of what I have to 40 or choose others instead?

Welcome to the game!

I just passed the 1 year mark with the game last week.

Darwinopterus and itchyostega are worth it. Troodon is ok but mostly good for it’s hybrid. Instead of kentrosaurus, I’d put resources towards Stegoceratops (hybrid).

That said, hatching many of these earns badges and allows you to expand your beacons range which is valuable. Aside from Itchyostega, the rest are week long hatchery times. Eventually you will want everything.

Also try to keep things balanced as you progress.

My strategy is to work in order of DNA cost. Build up to a level 40 (or 2 if there is a hybrid) and then move on to the next. The free spot was for commons, rares, super-rares, and VIP level creatures. The other spots were for the rest. Starting at the bottom helps with hatchery times.

Some caveats to that. New creatures always get bumped to the head of the line. Also, if I discover a hole in my lineup, that gets patched ASAP.

Balance is the key. Aim for 10 similarly ranked (on the Ferocity scale) creatures of each type, either balanced or split between meat-shield and glass cannon.

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FYI - the spreadsheet we put together is a big help in terms of comparing ferocities at the base 10 levels in terms of building up your teams. You’ll generally find having more numbers is better than having higher levels, so I tend to hold off on leveling stuff up as long as I can. I also usually waited to make hybrids until I had extras of the base dinos rather than lose the one that I had.

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If you haven’t already read this post:

I think I also link to another post in that post on PvE. Depending on your goal for the game there are lots of ways to play, a lot can be done if you keep the balance with your teams.

Welcome to the forums.

I actually found this spreadsheet on the forum a week after starting the game. It has helped me a bunch when deciding if to hatch or not. I tried keeping everything balanced and low levels but never could compete in tournaments. With what I have I can get top 5% no problem. I’ll try and keep everything balanced before making the move to level 40 on my legendaries.

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I’ve read a bunch of your posts on the forums and they have been very helpful. I’m looking to do competitive tournaments more than just leveling up my park. I’m trying to keep all classes balanced and not overstep in one class but also when to get my legendaries to level 40. Have 2 of each class ready to go to 40 before making the jump or more?

The super rare hybrids and VIP creatures can also be extremely helpful in tournaments. If tournaments are going to be your main area of play you will need to keep in mind that most tournaments you need to average about 400-475 trophies a day to end in Dominator, that is the equivalent of 10-14 wins a day so you need to have some way to complete that many matches and win them. If you do this in one go each day you need 30-42 creatures that are either level 40 legendary, level 30+ tournament, or level 20+ VIP. Now if your cool downs are such that you can do two rounds well then you need half as many and if your cool downs and your schedule allows three rounds a day then you only need a third of the creatures. Just need to find out what works for you.

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Did this post generate a @HanSoloWannaBe sighting? Good to see you.

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Did @HanSoloWannaBe escape from the death star?


Must have. He liked my post


The game wasn’t fun, so I left. Decided to give it a go again. We’ll see how it goes. Four months away from my park.

I come back to the Falcon and find some moof-milker installed an ignition compressor on my loyalty points generator. Puts too much stress on the player drive. Gonna need Chewie to look over the Falcon and fix what he can.

I should have stuck to herding rathtars…

It’s nice to have all my dinosaurs out of dino jail. Otherwise, most of the moves have been negative (lousier daily events, no Clash of Titans any more, lousier rewards for PvP, MODs are still a thing). But, I do still find PvP fun, and my kids enjoy looking at the dinosaurs and helping me make choices during the fights, so the game is overall fun enough to play.


He’s back.:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


I hope you are able to hang on to the fun part for awhile.


Thanks kindly. It’s good to be back and see so many of the “old gang” community members still here. You guys are a blessing.

Hey, end of the day, it’s fun to see, evolve, and play with dinosaurs. Period. And if you learn to give up chasing the “shiny new object” (the latest dinos, completing daily events, etc.) and just do what you want at your own pace, it’s a fun, non-stressful game.

As I indicated earlier, it seems Ludia has gotten “stingier” in the 4 months I’ve been gone; the PvP prize wheel only having one spin is a bummer, and the rewards for MODded combat are still lousy (I give up three expensive mods and three dinosaurs to get 40 DNA? Really?), and Clash of the Titans is gone, and most daily events now involve four, not three, fights (I don’t have a bench that deep), and the rewards are just a spin on the prize wheel now, not a card pack (?!?), but the core element of the game (and this community) is still mighty fun.

Saying hey to people personally is dangerous because you always forget someone, but sure am glad to see @Sionsith, @Tommi, @DinoStan, @Mary_Jo, @Andy_wan_kenobi, @Kiarash_Bahar, @Ned, @Potato, and others alive and well.

Chewie, we’re home.


Good to see you back!

Trade harbor has gotten much better though many disagree. If anything, I’d say loyalty points are harder to get.

Mods are interesting still. I loathed boosted battles as you couldn’t really have a game strategy due to uncertainty in the oppositions hand. At least with mods you can. Plus with some like terrify and inspire being able to be stacked you can have a powerful and overbalanced team.

The new speed up feature is mostly nice for the creation lab.

Despite most of the negativity, o think the game has been moving in positive directions.

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You are more than welcome back old jedi knight.

Take a look here
and you will see that the next Clash of Titans starts tomorrow. Not everything has gotten worse.

Having you back is the best change in the game for months.


Game, behave. Han’s back. You don’t wanna dissapoint Han.


You should be seeing a Clash of Titans for Antarctopelta until tomorrow, after which it is supposed to switch to Ceratosaurus

Thanks, all, and I stand corrected! I don’t mind eating my words when I deserve them.

Sounds like my belly-aching isn’t all founded. The second prize wheel should return to PvP soon; Clash of Titans does exist (it’s not showing up for me for some reason, but no big deal), and @Potato is right to point out that watch-a-video-speed-up-ten-minutes idea. I still prefered boosters to mods, but am glad others are enjoying mods. Not like anything is going to change there anyway.

Evolve & fight on!