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Dino Lineup Rating

Can someone rate my dinosaur lineup? I’d like to know what I can do to


Welcome to the forum @SomeRandomDino
10/10 on power
5/10 on deepening
7/10 on balancing
Really cool lineup but it goes to fast between 20 legend and 10 legendary hybrid

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Thanks a lot. That’s very nice to hear

Can you tell me how to deepen my lineup ? What dinos can I fill that gap with ?

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I think a lot of 30/40 legendary, 10/20 vip and 20/30 tournament, 30 super rare hybrid, indominus rex to 10 and for the time being do not make anything better than rajastegas,
make dinosaur that have apatosaurus ferocity and under.


That sounds good. But how do I calculate ferocity? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Health of your creature + 3.2 x the Attack of your creature

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Thank you very much

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Your welcome, I think you will love this forum!!
You could make a thread for your lineup so you could show everybody your progress day per day.

This a video from one of our forum member that might help you with any of your ferocity problem!


My lineup doesn’t really change too fast ( because I’m usually busy with studying ), so maybe instead of daily I’ll post on a semi-weakly basis.

There are even videos that help players here !!
I’m already liking this forum :joy::heart:

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Its from @Sionsith who makes a lot of really cool video to help you
His channel:

here is another video for ferocitty:


Ok then
I’ll make sure to check him out and support him :+1:

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You might also be helped by some really good player from the forum like:
@Jurassic_Fury , @Mary_Jo , @Sionsith , @Therizino2.0, @Mr_Nobody_cares, @Indoraptor08 ,@Andy_wan_kenobi


Your game is in the beginning stages, I would say just keep playing and giving your self some goals to work towards. Think where do I want my game to be a month from now, then figure out what you need to do to get there.

The game sets a natural trap for players that makes you think you need to continually fuse your creatures, once you learn how to deal with this you can build out your teams at certain levels that will suit you well.

I would say to just hatch what the game gives you through regular game play and then just be careful about what you fuse together.


Ok then, thanks for the advice. I have a couple of questions :

  1. Will getting a lvl 40 gorgosaurus disrupt my team ? I’m planning on turning it into a lvl 10 gorgosuchus

  2. How in the world will I do next week’s tournaments ? :joy: Not only are there 2, they’ll also last for a whole week.

Hey! Welcome, you should just unlocked also trade harbor so I think there are a lot of things you can do here.

Firstly, what I would recomend is to improve your DNA production.

Secondly, your DB stash and coin production.

And thirdly, your lineup with some tips.

So, for dna, store only Apatosaurus fossils, then you will be offered a lot of DNA and DB trades here, also some very sweet deals like coins to DNA will appear, keep an eye here and a stable coin amount not lower than 28,000,000 (I found is were nice DNA trades come), do all of your daily events, missions, collect all free card packs, do as many battles as you can in the events and pretty fast you will find yourself gaining a lot of dna helping you to upgrade your line up to any dino you can.

Secondly, try having duplicated Dinos to increase your coin production, now with this coins and with DB from trade harbor you can do modded PvP, here you will get a lot of free dinos (seems you already do that) so keep on it.

Third, about your line up, I would recomend you invest in super hybrids, you can pretty easily do right now a diplosuchus, they do wonders. And if you do modded PvP you can get more rajas to a level 20, yo can get diplosuchus to level 10 or 20, use spinoraptors at level 30, and gain precious Sdna for making other important Dinos. You should also make indonominus maybe to a level 17/18 for free by saving T-rex from events and fusing into indonominus.

Finally, i would recommend you having at least 5 Dinos of each class with the same ferocity, that is
5 carnivores (your rajas do great, try getting some VIP level 20 with card packs)
5 herbs (monostegotops, para gen 2, and other Dinos works here, you can go with two or three with high health and two with high attack)
5 flying babies (zalmonodon or metria are the best, even if they are expensive they will work you in further stages, also the tape s-hybrid it’s a beautiful option)
5 amphibians (ostapos do wonders or gorgos, the other ones are pretty expensive, but if you want to save some DNA try getting diplosuchus)

Once you get there, add more Dinos that helps you further in the game, evolve and repeat this process until you can easily win in dominator.

Hope maybe one or two tips from this bible will help you :+1:t2::+1:t2:


This entire bible of tips is really really useful and informative , so thank you :joy::heart: I have a couple of questions though :

1.) Do you know what these apato fossils can give me ? Like how much dna or LP can one apato fossil give me ?

2.) What do I do with my custom trades ? I usually do coin - food but the trades I’m getting are kinda meh. For example : 2mil coin - 800k food.

3.) Out of all the sHybrids ,I can only make one, that being tapejalocyphulus. Though it would unbalance my team, so do you know when we’ll get other types of Sdna ? I currently have :

4489 Raptor sdna
1685 Monolophosaurus sdna
665 Sarco sdna
765 Kapro sdna
3745 Euepochiphylus sdna
1418 dimetrodon sdna

4.) When it comes to tournament dinos , I currently only have the following : Gorgosaurus ( i have 4 in hatchery, and planning to get another 4 ) , Kentrosaurus, Darwinopoterus, Gigantophis, and Segnosaurus ( coming soon ). Which ones do I buy and evolve ? And to which level ?

Yep for sure,

Apato gives you something between 300 and 500 DNA, 300-500 DB, 2 million coins, 250-300 LP, and around 1.1 million in food. Once you don’t have trades, store more and refresh your trades for 50 bucks, try having no other building stored and keep yourself free of stored mods also.

For daily trades, I’m not vip and I do Apatosaurus to Loyalty points, you get like 300 but that’s a card pack in a month time, also you can trade one dino you don’t want and you have no time for hatching it and exchange it for DNA, there are trades coins and food to Dinos, but as non vip we get ugly offers, but it’s an option.

I would go with tape, and leave it at level 1, I do not know the exact ferocity but I think it would be near of your rajastega level 20. You can also make more modded PvP events and get sarco sdna to get Diplosuchus, once you make the first one that cost 1500, new ones will cost 660 sdna which it’s cheap.

About tournaments Dinos I would suggest you having the ones that have an hybrid, therefore you can use them now; and in a future fuse them into stronger creatures, if you want the stats of this Dinos I would strongly recommend you to look for the spreadsheet that’s here on the forum and contains the stats of all dinos at level 10,20,30 and 40, this will help you massively to know what dinos adapt to your own goals. With your current level I think that you can have regular tournament Dinos at level 30 I think.

Hope it helped and good luck :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Thank you SO much :revolving_hearts: This really helps out. Have a wonderful day/night :rose: