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Dino lineup

How far will my dinos take me into the next tournemant?

Your team is OK :+1:

But the tournaments are tough…

You have guys who can win in dominator maybe 50-60% of the time.

You’ll struggle.

Given your low DB reserves buying back cool downs won’t be possible for you. Don’t go above Pred until the end of the tournament to get as many easy battles as you can.


Strength-wise, it’s enough. Cooldown will be your biggest enemy. Overall, a low chance of getting into Dominator unless you pull a Jeff Bezos and buy the 20K bucks package.


I have about 10 teams who are viable in Dominator.
Some have 30-40% win rate and some are above 50%.

Its been about a month since i last posted my lineup. It has changed a fair bit. Any thoughts?

Nothing much,seems balanced,except the gap in between the Indominus and the Diplosuchus

Even with that gap my pve matches have been fine for the most part suprisingly. I think having a level 20 diplosuchus would make my matches much more tougher though.

That’s because the rest of your line up is still not of such.

Wicked progress! You can put a dent in this weekends tournament for sure. You’ll have to grind and keep coming back when your dinos cool down but you’ve got a shot.

Not going to lie…it’ll be tough. Might have to spend a few to speed up a cool down or two… but you got this.

I know you weren’t asking about this weekends tournament when you originally posted but I know everyones going to be giving this one a solid effort.

Another update on my lineup. I feel like I can do any tournament at this point.