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Dino Loaning/Gifting

I think it would be cool to be able to gift Dino’s within the Alliance.

Much like we can put a dino into the sanctuary, being able to loan a dino to another player for a few days or being able to request a loan would be good. The dino would come across and be vanilla (ie. no stat boosts). If the player taking the dino on, decides to boost stats, would be good if those boosts remain when they unlock the dino or alternatively, the boosts are returned to the ‘to be allocated’ pool when the dino is returned to the player who loaned out.

For example - if you have an unlocked roster, unlikely you are using some of the uniques or legends, but others in the alliance or friends (e.g. newer players) could use the dinos.

There is a possibility this could be abused by others to create many new accounts and loan out heavy hitters to earlier stages of the PvP game, so loaned in dino’s would only usable for Campaign and Friendly Battles. Tournament and ranking PvP games would need to not accepted loaned Dino’s.

Just thinking out loud - might need further development of the idea, but I think this is going to bring more life and newer players to the game community.

I could use that!

i can see this being heavily abused if the loaned creatures could be used in the arena.

This is why I think the loaned dinos should be for the Campaign and Friendly Battles. Not the Arena, ranking is still then based on your Dino deck whereas the computer matches when you are stuck due to not having a level 28 Dino can still be proceeded if someone in the alliance does have that Dino.

Friendly battles are the only good point of the game left as it tries to level the playing field. But it doesn’t do enough to level it - removing boosts is a start but having others in your team use some more of the dinos in the deck is a good thing. Rather than just Maxima, Tryko and Thor.

I dont like the idea!
Cause the csmpaign is made to be a challenge for the players on their actual level and motivate them.
The intention is to play the game,hunt dinos and evolve until you are ready for the next Level
And not to take 30 level dinos from your friends and rush through it
Same goes for the strike towers

Why are players nowadays always looking for the easiest way ??? You downloaded the Game-> Play it