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Dino lvls way too high


I left this game awhile back because the lvl of the dinos I was fighting were stupid high. Will this ever be addressed or have the devs essentially abandoned this game


See if this addresses why you seem to have crazy high opponents.


The devs have certainly not abandoned the game, but the outrageous PvE opponents remain, so long as your highest-level dinosaurs have sufficient variety in their ferocity. See the post from @Sionsith that @Mary_Jo referenced for details.


I think the opponents levels are fine, but they really need to make PvE opponents have their levels based off the players top 20 dinos and their ferocity.

That way they can realiably complete the double daily battles, also allowing the unlock battles be slightly more difficult, rather than near-impossible


I think we ALL agree with that. Developers should pay attention to the fact that rather than people spending more money in the game to deal with this, they often just quit. That shouldn’t be the desired effect.


No need to address it from the developers side (although this would make some thing easier if they did). This is completely controllable from your side as well. If you screen shot your top line ups from each of your groups (Jurassic, Cenozoic, and Aquatic) we can help you analyze where to make some changes to fix your perceived over powered PvE.

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To be fair, it’s controllable from your side if you know that your creatures’ ferocity determines the PvE lineup. If you don’t know that (and many of us didn’t), then it’s still not controllable. My car’s engine not catching fire is totally controllable, unless for some weird reason I never learned you have to change the oil.


Yeah that’s exactly my issue is that this information is far from widely available. I see posts constantly on the FB forums about it, and have never once seen someone from Ludia respond to let people know what the problem is caused by and how to fix it. It’s completely counter-intuitive that in a game like this leveling up your dinosaurs would actually be punished. Far more than the fact that a car engine needs oil. :slight_smile:

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It’s not counter-intuitive; it’s good business. Most freemium games have the same model: fun entry-level, easy mid-level, and then paywall high level. In this case, the “paywall” is the long cooldown times and the surprise ferocity PvE match-ups, especially since the spotlight creatures of the new movies (Indominus and Indoraptor) are two of the highest ferocity creatures in the game. So you (like I did) work hard to get them, and suddenly your matches are crazy hard, so you pay to get more dinos, but the matches only get harder, and so on and so on. To be fair. JW:TG uses the paywall model less than almost any freemium game I’ve played (but it also uses ads more than any other freemium game I’ve played), but, sooner or later, they try to get money out of the “addicted.”

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It’s only good business if people know what they are supposed to be doing to make it work. As you said yourself, it’s only fixable if you even know how to fix it. Of course it’s a typical freemium model to make you have to pay to reach the top levels of a game…but there’s a difference between making things progressively harder, and making them unreachably harder. To do that, and not make it clear why it happens or give you a reasonable way to correct it makes no sense to me such that many players just quit in frustration. These are the comments I’ve seen, that players hit that wall and make a few attempts to level other stuff up, still can’t win anything and just give up and quit… and then check back in once in awhile to see if it’s been fixed. Having it be such a mystery that players just quit is a bad business model to me. That’s also a great way to ensure lots of bad reviews from players as well, which is certainly not good business either.

I’ve definitely played some games that are WAY worse on the ads if you aren’t willing to pay to skip them. I actually found this one to be one of the least intrusive I’ve tried in this respect or I wouldn’t have stuck with it. One of the games I played for awhile to earn some Tapjoy rewards basically required watching ads constantly to play it. Like very few minutes. At least they were fairly short, but still.

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I wasn’t very clear; sorry. Sarcasm vs. literalism doesn’t come across clearly via the interwebz. I agree with you 100%, which is why I typically stick to old console games; I prefer to pay for a product and be done, and know what I’m getting. I’m just way too big of a Jurassic Park geek and had to try this game out, and here I am still a year later.

I meant “good business” in a snarky, it-shouldn’t-be-this-way-but-it-is way. Again, I concur with you.

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Ah yeah irony doesn’t always translate to the written word (I’ve often said social media like Twitter and FB need a “snark” emoticon for sarcasm). I am usually good at picking it up, and I was confused as to why you seemed to change positions on this, so now it makes sense!

If you follow the software world, we are dealing with much the same thing with Adobe discontinuing support for older version of Photoshop and Lightroom to force customers onto more expensive cloud versions. They have close to a monopoly on the market, due to 3rd party support so were one of the first to stop selling versions that you could buy once and then just use for years (as I always have since I am just a hobbyist and paying monthly fees for software I often don’t touch for months at a time is not my idea of good money management).

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