Dino Model mistakes and issues

There’s a lot of Dino models in this I’ve hated. They just look as if they are made with lack of patience. Some look utterly crap whereas they do an amazing job in other Models.

Giganatosautus and Allosaurus have 2 fingers lol!


Lvl 40diploculus looks soo bad. Is there some Models which you guys hate and needs improvement?

Some designs could be better (cough cough) unayrhynchus(cough cough)…Unayrhynchus-10


Hmmm, that’s true

Even Utahraptor has to be changed

I know that many players don’t like Unayrhynchus but I really love it’s ornate level 40 form. I fint it really magnificent. Although I can’t understand from where it got that Toucan beak …

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Diplocaulus is the worst by far. It looks as if the guy who mixed its colours was on a trip.


Actually, the number 1 ugliest creature is…

(This is a photo from a video on YouTube. I couldn’t have this thing at my park :sweat_smile:)

Don’t let me talk about some Cenozoics…

Tommi, I agree with you big time

Something just does look weird about the spino model


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Look at this boi :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I dont hate unayrhyncus dont get me wrong hes an interesting hybrid. I just think it could be a lot better.

Dont make fun of my boi!!

Lol. Sorry :rofl::rofl::rofl: