Dino names


It would be nice if they add a way to help pronounce the names of the dinosaurs so that when I talk to friends I can say the names correctly


Which ones are you having problems with?


Actually, I might just add something like a pronunciation guide to my dino Q&A thread…


I’ve always anklyosaurus like “ankle” but I noticed in Jurassic World Gray calls them “an-kylo-saurus” like “Kylo Ren”

What’s the proper pronounciation?


You’re right in guessing that Ankylosaurus’ name sounds similar to everyone’s favorite emo Sith wannabe.

Ang - kylo - sore - uss.


My world has been turned upside down.


Yea i noticed that too, but in fallen kingdom they say (ang-kly) weird i know


Well … one would think that since the “L” comes before the “Y”. … pronouncing like Kylo would be backwards.

That said, the Dinosaur phonetic dictionary DOES spell it “AnkYLosaurus” … and it pronounces it “Kylo”


It would be a good feature. Like, anyone can go look it up, but that would be one of many fun unlockable things they could add to the game.


Actors don’t generally get paid to give much attention to science-y stuff like correct “pronun-ski-ations”. LOL