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Dino nicknames!


I have some personal nicknames for my dinos, here are some of them!

-Diorajasaur = Spikechomper
-pachycephalosaurus = friar tuck
-koolasuchus = skiddadleBoI
-erlikosaurus = golden goose
-darwinzopterys = ugly duckling
-Dracoceratops = Endmysufferingandpain
-Trex = tony

What are some of your favourite nicknames?

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Allosaurus - Big Al

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Wuerhosaurus = tiger (because it looks like tiger bread)
Tiuojango (I can never remember how it’s spelled, sorry) = Tijuana
Deinocherus = feathery baby
Koolasuchus = [redacted due to forum rules]


Rex= DaddyRexy
Lythronax= Waluigi
Irritator Gen 2= Glass Joe
Suchotator= Deadly Alligator Dinosaur
Dracoceratops= Mickey Mouse
Miragia= Annoying Stego

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Ankylosaurus= Thicc Boi
Koolasuchus= Squiggly Boi (Yes I actually always called him that)
Indominus: Indominator


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