Dino of the day #1

Hello, id like to make my own dino of the day series, tho i may be unable to post everyday. So let us begin!
Our first dinosaur today is Utahraptor. Utah Raptors are the largest of the raptor group, and their name means Utah Thief. Utah Raptor hunted in groups, and fed on dinosaurs like hadrosaurs (or mainly medium sized hervibores). The Utah Raptor was 4.9 feet tall, and weighed as much as a polar bear. Thats all for today, i hope you enjoyed. Please tell me if any of this is wrong :relaxed:

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There is very little evidence to no evidence saying that utahraptor actually hunted in packs


That is true, the only evidence i know is a dead hardosaur (that supposedly got weakened by a utahraptor pack, then killed by a bigger dino after the Raptors gave up

Note: if youre wondering why the last dino day was also today, its becauss my dino day series was supposed to start yesterday so im posting 2 in 1. Anyways, Today’s dino Is Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus lived in early-mid cretaceous. It mainly ate fish, but it may have hunted some other dinosaurs if it had to. The rival of this giant beast was the Charcharadontosaurus, who mainly ate land dinosaurs. In a fight, the e Charchar would probably be scared away by its size, but if not, it probably has the edge in combat… Even if it won, the deep cuts and blood loss will probably finish it off. Smaller predators may have ate the spinos food while it was distracted, but the spino would immediately kill on sight. Spino is also the biggest meat-eating being to exist so far… Thats all, please tell me if anything is Innacurate

Spinosaurus is no longer the largest carnivore, that award goes to Tyrannosaurus.

And um you forgot to mention it’s quadrupedal

A Carcharodontosaurus would have easily scared Spinosaurus

Even something like Kryptops would bully it

Why would these two animals be rivals? They filled different niches and lived different lifestyles so it’s unlikely they’d get into fight.

Spino is, I believe, the longest large theropod discovered. Not the biggest. That title goes to T. Rex, like @Jacelin_the_apato just mentioned.

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Yeah, it’s likely that it’s a tar pit that several utahraptors got attracted to like the La Brea tar pits

Spino isn’t quadrupedal anymore unless if I missed something

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Spino is the largest if you go off of length but in overall mass tyrannosaurus rex was larger

That’s a topic that’s still highly debated

Ah, ok 10 characters

Holy Guacamole i am so far off, i havent checked my spino facts in a long time, but thank you everyone for correcting me

There is a theory that spinosaurus may have hunted herbivores during drouts, thus them meeting up. I only got this information from other scientists so my apologies

It changes all the time between debunked and proofen like sigilmassasaurus changes from distinct to synonymous

Really? I’m pretty sure that Spinoaurus was updated to look like this nowadays; bipedal, but with short hind limbs.

Art by Rj Palmer


oh wow. that looks cool.

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