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"Dino of the Day" lineup gone from the news tab


Just launched the game and noticed that the note showing the lineup for the week is now missing from the news tab. All that’s there is the “buy tickets from AMC”. The showcase incubator is also removed from the market.

With the trouble folks are having it doesn’t surprise me the the incubator has been removed for purchase, but the missing lineup is a bit odd. Poked around and don’t see any posts about this. Anyone else notice?


It happened to me too


It seems like there were a lot of bugs with this round of the event. Hopefully they’re fixing it and then will re-release the event. :woman_shrugging:


Part of me wonders if the lineup was a mistake right from the start. It went from 4 days of commons, to 6 days of rare or better including 1 unique. They skipped legendary tier and went straight to a top tier dino, when the rules stated we’d only be getting epics at best.

I wasn’t going to argue with the shots at good dinos, but it did seem really off from the previous weeks. I guess we’ll see what happens.


The new dino zoo game Jurassic world evolution will have an update this friday which will introduce the indoraptor, carno,… So i believe they wanted to introduce everything together simultaniously with both games.

I do agree it is pretty reckless as you mentioned; they only went for epics so far and no additional details on anything above. Seeing an unique all of a sudden is quite strange. It would be cool to see commons rotate which aren’t available to everyone; raptors, einio,… Are pretty much available all the time. And we clearly are having major raptor discussions on the forum; hence my confusion of introducing even more raptors and making them even way more accessible while they are already plundering and pillaging their way up the ranking. There are more raptors available than there are decent counters available (especially more then 1)… 4 raptor teams are scary but… 6 raptor teams, a tachy and an indo? How are you even going to counter that. Indo already got a major mystical unannounced buff in which you can’t remove positive effects anymore (cloak - a week ago or smth my dilo was doing just fine recking indos, oh well GG wp immunity). Raptors are all cool 'n stuff but maybe we need more raptor counters before you buff the raptor meta even more. :confused:

Switch between the 4 region specific commons (not global spawning commons). Add more rares; also region specific, and in the weekend / wednesday maybe an epic to start legendary crafting so people can start ‘catching up’ with major incubator buyers in top 500s. Grinding gold for anything level +16/17 related will take ages anyway; gold cap isn’t helping.

I find it pretty disappointing to see uniques in top 100; they should be ‘unique’. If someone can insta-buy it in the first couple of weeks how ‘unique’ is it truly? Let alone release it in specific incubators and especially an event. Make them unique again.


The unique is just a trigger to make us buy the incubators, don’t even get your hopes up trying to get enough dna from the spawn… Only if you’re a real high level you may have a shot at it, you’ll need 250 dna for it, so yeah.