Dino of the day not changing in parks


I received a message on my phone yesterday that the dino of the day was 1 thing, but once at the park it was something different. I wake up this morning and it still says the same dino is at the park today. The incorrect dino. Wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t a dino that I trip over all over town on any given day, or if it had an actual upgrade.



The in game notifications aren’t as accurate as they can be now that they’ve changed the format.

The notification said yesterday it was Tanycolagreus and today it was Sarcosuchus but actually it was both dinosaurs yesterday and today with a total of 24 catches available across the two days.

This is better than the old event format - we have more say in what we want to catch.


All i see is tany in the park???


Should be Tanycolagreus and Sarcosuchus.

I’m seeing both - just keep checking.


I had the same issue yesterday. All the parks in my neighborhood were filled by sarcosucu. I had to travel in another city to see some tany :sweat_smile: then coming back to my city with another road, I saw a part of the city not green but still with the green cubes on the top, then I discovered 3 new points in my city: 2 with tany and 1 with sarco.
So I suggest you to search for other parks area near you and find out what dino is here.
I am not sure, if you shoot at one creatures, then in the same point will respawn the same dino or if the respawn is random. Any of you know something about it?


This isn’t the best change for those of us like me who live in small villages. I only have one event crate in my entire village. If the dino I want doesn’t spawn at that crate, I’m out of luck. For example I really need the T-rex. Normally I’d space my attempts out so that I could go grab a T-rex three times over the 24 hour period, but now I might be unlucky and only get pyroraptors spawning for those 48 hours. They should add more event crates if they want to do things this way.