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Dino Pets I would like added for JWA 2.0

This is what I would like for Dino pets and the reason to have them.

Pets would have 2 basic functions:

  1. By walking them, you earn DNA for the pet your walking to help in leveling them.
  2. You can battle dino’s out in the wild one on one and gain DNA for your pet by defeating them. Also you get a set amount of DNA from the dino you battled. Battling in the wild is also a way to help in leveling them.

The idea of pets is this:
You earn the ability to the different types of dinos as you level in the game.
You must have the dino unlocked and created to have them as a pet.
Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Unique take being a certain account level to have these as pets.
From level 1 to 4 you can have common pets.
At level 5 you gain the ability to have rare pets.
At level 9 you gain the ability to have epic pets.
At level 13 you gain the ability to have legendary pets.
At level 17 you gain the ability to have unique pets.

In the fusing screen, you can hit a set as pet button that sets that dino as your pet.
Out on the map screen, once a pet is selected there will be a “walk pet” icon.
Hitting the icon brings your pet out and on the dot.
Two other buttons will appear. A “Check in” button and a “End Walk” button that puts your pet away.

When you start walking, your pet dino will follow you. Your pet dino can only go so fast and is set to a maximum of 10 Km per hour (6.2 mph). If you think you can get in your car and rack up mileage for your pet, it will not work. If you get more than 100 meters from your pet, you will get a message, “You have lost your pet.” and no mileage will be gained. You will have to bring your pet back out if lost. For disconnects, your pet should still be there if you stop walking. If you get back and have gone too far, you will have the “You have lost your pet.” message and will have to bring out your pet again.

The “Check in” button is there to lock in distance every so often and distance will be added from the previous check point (strait A to B distance). You will need to check in at every corner. Also hitting drops will check in distance for your pet. Of course ending your walk will check in your distance. For those with connection difficulties or jumpy GPS’s will want to check in often. The check in button will grey out after hitting it for 10 seconds. For those like me where the map stops following (sticks/hangs up), I would have to end walk, kill and reload the game and start the walk again.

Poking on your pet will bring your pet stats up including accumulated distance for the current walk and accumulated from all previous walks.

For those with wandering GPS devices. You won’t be able to leave the game open and think your pet is gaining mileage wandering back and forth. It won’t. To gain mileage with wandering GPS, you would have to sit there watching and hitting the check in as your dino is moving back and forth which would be a pain and not worth it. Cheaters will cheat as they always do.

Walking rewards are strait forward:
Common pets = 300 dna every 1000 meters
Rare pets = 100 dna every 1000 meters
Epic pets = 10 dna every 1000 meters
Legendary pets = 3 dna every 1000 meters
Unique DNA = 1 DNA every 1000 meters

These figures are based on the amount of DNA to get a dino from creation to level 30. If someone wants to walk a unique 750 Km (466 miles), they deserve to have that dino at level 30. If Ludia is concerned about cheating, they can set a max level of distance per day of like 10 Km like the coins.

Battling rewards for winning against wild dinos:

Dinos will spawn at random levels from 1 to 30. Based on the level of the dino pet your walking, there is a range of dinos that you can gain DNA for your dino by beating them in a one on one battle. You will need to be within the little circle to battle like hitting drops.
Grey, they are too low. You can battle them but will not gain DNA for your pet. Green will give minimal DNA. Blue will give medium DNA. These are even to your level + or - a level or two. Yellow will give more DNA. Red will give the most but you will most likely loose. You can gain by beating dino’s down to 2/3 your pet level and above.
For example, if your dino pet is level 15, you will gain dna for your dino by defeating dino’s level 10 and above. There are 4 levels of rewards. Easy, Medium, Hard and anything above 1-1/3 of your dino’s level. If you have a level 15 dino and you can defeat a level 21 or above you would get the highest reward.

DNA your pet gains for winning based on rarity:
Common pets 15, 30, 45, 60
Rare pets 10, 20, 30, 40
Epic pets 6, 12, 18, 24
Legendary pets 3, 6, 9, 12
Unique pets 1, 2, 3, 4

Say you have a legendary pet. If you go for a 2 mile walk, that is 3 Km. During that walk you find 2 easy and 2 equal dinos you can battle and win. You get 6 DNA for the walk and 18 DNA for the battles, 24 total DNA. It’s not a large amount but worth while.

For the defeated dino DNA will go as follows:
Common = 10X your account level
Rares = 5X your account level.
Epics = 3X your account level
Legendary = 1X your account level
Unique = 0.5X your account level

This will make it so you will want to dart the dino’s you really want over battling them unless you think the DNA toward your pet is worth more.

The point of pets would be a way to help you work up specific dino’s your trying to level but this is not meant to be the primary way to level such as hunting components and fusing. This is also to add a change-up to the game and incentive to get people out walking.


Did you even think about the existence of spoofers while making this? Not a bad idea, but would just make things even easier for spoofers if added.


I hate to agree with you because this is an awesome idea, but you’re right. As much as I’d like to see rewards for walking, it’s not feasible with so many spoofers on the loose. Even as the game is, tournaments are becoming more and more “who has the most time to spoof.”

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Pets are for feeding the dinos…lol

Speed limiting would turn the game to much like pogo with people doing loops around the city at 20 km/hr in their car. I like the no speed involved in this game.

And lets be honest. Most people are not walking in this game as everything is to far spaced out unlike pogo.

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Yeah, lets give spoofers another advantage


This is why I suggested this be a manual thing where you it does not automatically add mileage like pokemon. You have to manually start walking a pet. You have to check in get credit for distance. You can’t go more than 10 Km per hour our you will lose your pet on the map behind you if you get too far from your pet and loose your progress. Ludia can set a max distance you can walk such as 10 Km.

Yes I’ve seen the spoofer waking program a co-worker had with pokemon a couple years back. That program would walk his guy on a set path and when his guy passed those spinners, he would spin them but he had to watch on those.

I don’t want to not have new or fun thing not added to the game because someone can find a way to cheat with it.


Cheaters could just have their walking go all night at a slow pace while they are sleeping then play during the day.

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Still, since in many parts of the world where this game is played it is winter months, spoofers will have the advantage of being able to do it every day without having to brace the cold weather. And even with “you can’t go more than 10 km”, I’m pretty sure the spoofers can just make sure they don’t go over 10 km.

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I think the game is pretty good as is if they could just manage to fix the bugs that have been around since summer and eliminate the cheaters. There is always little things they could add to raise interest levels in the game again. Like giving out different daily rewards. Like an epic incubator once or twice a week or epic scent. Win special darts that allow you to get double or triple dna when darting. Win fusing prizes that allow you to do a bonus fuse for 50, 70, or 90 on whatever dino you like…etc…lots of small things they could add…

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Ok. Enough with the cheaters. Cheaters gonna cheat. Nothing we can really do about it but make it aware. Just let us have fun with the game while cheaters get around playing the actual game. I completely agree with this idea.


I kinda agree with you, i don’t really care about cheaters, im not even close to top 500, but i see why people are so upset about them, giving them another way to level up stuff would make the last legit players in the top 500 go insane.
Its a good idea though @Oriondestiny, Just easily exploitable for spoofers.


Don’t blow the idea too fast. The point of looking for holes is to look for ways to plug them.

If they want to make it a bit harder for spoofers, they can make it so our pets get tired and need replenishing by way of hitting drops. Our pets can only go 500 meters maximum before needing feeding by way of spinning a drop that resets their distance. Who doesn’t spin drops out walking? They can make it so putting your pet away and bringing it back out does not replenish unless you had hit a drop.

If the walking part of pets is going to be too big of a problem, the idea of battling one on one with wild dinos as a way to gain some DNA for your pet might be enough incentive to get out and search for dino’s the right level to battle.


I dont know about the entire, “walk your pet” thing. Its gonna make you stop every 5 minutes, and then people will rant “oh my pet held me back and I missed a t rex and I lost I’m mad”. I like the battling part though.
I’d like to see this implemented into the game!