Dino Pets

I would like the addition of creature pets.

This would be their availability, use and function:

You would be able to unlock different rarities of creatures at certain levels starting at level 6.

  • 6-8 Common pets
  • 9-11 Rare pets
  • 12-14 Epic pets
  • 15-17 Legendary pets
  • 18-20 Unique pets

Pet function:

  1. Bring out pet.
  2. They follow you when you walk.
  3. Touch pet & point to place in circle and they move to that spot.
  4. If they get close to a hidden creature, it appears.
  5. You can battle one on one, the creature with your pet.
  6. You can dart the hidden creature that appeared.
  7. Every creature has a random level.
  8. When you win the battle, your pet earns points based on the creature level.
  9. After earning so many battle points, you earn your pets DNA.
  •   100 DNA for common
  •   50 DNA for rare
  •   20 DNA for epic
  •   10 DNA for legendary
  •    5 DNA for Unique
  1. Your pet loses points if it loses the one on one battles.
  2. Your pet can walk/fly to and collect full amount for drops in your circle.
  3. Your pet will point to the closest of its own within the overall 700 meters that is shown.
  •   You want to find T-rex's, bring out a T-rex, walk, when you stop it will face the direction of another T-rex if one is within 700 meters of you. If no T-rex's, it will just face you.
  1. Flyers can surveil 10 meters per pet level past your circle to find good hidden creatures.
  •   This means a level 20 flyer can go 200 meters past your circle limit to pop hidden creatures when close.
  •   You can then go walking to dart or battle the creature.
  1. Creature walking/flying speed based on creature speed. (Raptors run around fast)

You mean that in the GPS map? It sounds cool and all, but they can’t even manage to make the GPS work right… Imagine throwing a “pet” in there…


It reminds of the new PoGo Buddy system, but it’s got a lot more too. Maybe too much? I don’t know but it’s a cool idea.

Looks to me like Owen & Blue! I could see it happening someday. Maybe call them “companions” or something, and it doesn’t sound so far from what the game might do. I like the idea



I like the idea of a “companion”. Owen and Blue’s relationship is a good canon basis. However, I’d probably only want it to generate DNA much in the same way as PoGo, should it ever be implemented.


Cool I love it

It’s a cool idea, especially the one where the dinosaur is looking into the direction of another hidden one.

Me and my T.rex companion…I like it

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An excellent idea for the game, as the game is becoming bored and there are less dino spawn

The idea is amazing but it seems like it would be a pain to program