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Dino preservation advice

I’ve yet to try this, but i’d like some suggestions before i do as i can’t exit out anymore. Was hoping for slighly weaker opponents since i can’t lose a single dino.

Would love to hear some advice as well i’ve failed 3 times so far as they AI defends and builds reserve a lot on this 1 so doesn’t seem to play like the other events.

Gave it a go. Didn’t work. I’d go as far as to say it’s impossible to do. At least one dinosaur always dies. Plus, the reward isn’t worth it, and i’ve already unlocked Troodon, so i might just give up.

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Ok i managed it , it doesn’t seem to do an attack above 3 points i biuilt up my reserves till i could kill 1st dino and use 3 defend for when the 2nd swapped in i then built up reserve always putting in 3 defend till 2nd and 3rd pet were dead, i made sure i swapped in my advantage dinos’ as the game doesn’t switch

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I noticed immediately it doesn’t swap, which certainly gives you a big leg up, but that’s really good info to know they don’t attack with more than 3. I’m still not sure I can get through it, since like Kiarash it seems to have picked opponents that I don’t have the best dinos in those classes that have advantages over them, but I figured if you keep track of what the AI does and use the same opponents you should be able to figure out what moves to do when.

Thanks for the info. Didn’t know that. I tried again using that knowlegde and i did manage it.

If you have an indoraptor at lv 10, use it. Even at a type disadvantage, it’s OP for this.

I do not have an Indoraptor. I’ll probably never have an Indoraptor. Bad things (PvE wise) happen to those who get an Indoraptor :slight_smile:
But yeah, my Rajastega is my bestie. Plus i’ve already done it.

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Well apparently the “doesn’t attack more than 3 points” isn’t quite accurate. On my first dino, I got one hit of 4 points (survived that). Got to my last one and got a hit of 5 points… which was enough to take me out with my block of only 3.

I might still try it again, as it might have been due to that last one having an advantage over mine and I didn’t swap right away (trying to build some reserve first).

Got through it on my next try, made sure to have plenty reserved before I killed my 2nd dino, and needed to swap and that prevented him from using that 5-point kill shot on me.

Sadly I got a really lame pack for such a hard event, gold coins and no DNA or DBs, but any super rare is still worthwhile for me, let alone the loyalty points. I’ve been having a run of bad luck with the lottery too, first time I’ve played where I haven’t gotten ANY of the better prizes in any round.

I tried twice and got wrecked both times!!

Then I realized…I don’t need another super rare and I don’t need the battle win to unlock Clash of Titans because I already unlocked it.