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I noticed today the when i look at the roster of the top players that the HEALTH -ATTACK-SPEED are wrong at the Levels… The stats look like my own…Such as… A lvl 30 magna at 12-10-8 … should be 6162-2203-144… but when i look at it… it has my stats at lvl28 …the reading are wrong from the update… hopefully i explained it well enough

Same for me too.

Would be great to see how others have boosted their creatures so I hope this gets fixed.

my boosted indom has correct stats, it crits so much now! They should add that tho, like if you tap on in battle charachter sheet, you can see how many boosts they have on that dino

I’m talking about how for example your boosted magna lvl 21 will have the same stats as a lvl 30… I used the field guide app and the numbers don’t match up…if you look at each players magna the stats are all the same regardless of lvl

well thats bad. i dont have magna yet, is this for other creatures too

I used magna as an example… It’s all dinos it seems