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Dino recommendations

Hey all,

since I saved up some coins prior to the update, I’d now like to level up some Dinos and boost some again (particularly for the raids, since I got stomped on my last raids). However, I did not really have time recently to do a lot of battles.

So, what would you say are good Dinos (particularly uniques and maybe legendaries) to level up and boost?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Maxima, Tryko, Dio and Tenontorex are great in raids and also really good in PvP.
Some other good dinos for raids include Toura, Dilorach, and Tryo.


Maxima, Tryko, Tenonto, Magna, Maxima, Monolorhino, Quetzorion, Maxima, Thylacotator, the DracoRat, maybe Gemini… oh, and Maxima


Legendaries aren’t too great. The only good one is really phorasaura. Thylacotator is really good. Ardont is strong, but maxima is stronger

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The legendary Rat is good cause it can swap into Maxima (after Thagomizer) for 2k or 3k damage, then deal 3k more. The greatest villain of jwa is now a hero against this broken longnecked…

Dioraja is also good, but it gets destroyed by Tryko and Maxima like almost everything else…