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Dino “returns” without waiting FOREVER

So I have roughly 140 unhatched Dino’s. Hypothetically I get another Dino today thru pack, wheel spin, or I accidentally buy it. I look at the Dino and determine that I really “don’t want it”. Here are my options today:

  1. could wait for a bad deal to come up in Harbour trades and I take it.
    2). I could do a custom trade in Harbour, but if I have 40 of my 140 Unhatched dinos I also do not need, I will wait quite a while before I get to that Dino.
    3). I could spend Dino bucks to open my 4th hatchery slot, wait 7 days for it to hatch so that I can sell the Dino for dna so that I can buy another Dino and wait 7 days again…

None of those options are very appealing to me. In my mind, unhatched Dino’s are the same as DNA, because I can buy an unhatched Dino for dna…so they are the same.

So here is my suggestion: Let me return unhatched dinos for the same dna as it took to purchase the Dino in the first place (even if I won the Dino) without having to wait. This would be similar to me going to Walmart and buying a belt, getting home and realized I had the wrong size, and returning to Walmart for the original price.

Today I have to wait forever just to do a “return” of like to like. As I said earlier unhatched Dino’s I consider as dna, so it’s really not a trade…but more similar to a return.