Dino’s escaping!


So I’ve been noticing only the paSt week or sooner my Dino’s I’m trying to shoot with DNA darts are escaping a lot and I’m sitting right where I started cto catch them and I’m right above them with the dart target how the heck are they escaping?? Before they would escape if I was driving away from it fast or the dart wasn’t aimed close by them understandable but me losing the Dino’s for no reason common man fix this glitch please cause this can’t be right ?? Just in case anyone replies like the person below The screen actually says THEY ESCAPED!!



I’ve been around since beta and this wasn’t happening before the past week


Uhh… Seriously?
I have never had a dino sit still and be shot in my entire life. Ever. Actually I can’t think of a game where I can think of something being shot and it just sits chillin’.
They are running away because your shooting them. If you don’t shoot them they actually don’t move very much


It says LITERALLY that they have escaped !! Are you like not listening


Also if you play they game a lot like I do, you should see this if your in a vehicle driving away from a dino your catching your screen will say they’ve escaped!!


And no I’m not driving! Just in case that’s your next dumb question or reply


Your writing it off because you mis understood what I’ve said ! LoL bye bye :wave:


Bye :wave: have a great day !! Don’t have a hard time with your Dino’s escaping!!


Dinolord stop hating on him he just misunderstood you calm down stop being so aggressive and stop acting like you rule these forums


It’s not a glitch, there is a defined area where you dino can run and you can send darts. You can see the area by looking around before sending your first dart.

If the dino crosses the limits of this area it considered as escaped and the collect is over. It happens to me once long before the countdown but usually it happens when you’re near the end of the timer. Good point, it happens rarely (one in 50 encounters I would say). Moreover it’s more likely to happen with dino that run faster.


Wasn’t saying it’s a glitch . Read the original post my dino was escaping when I was standing still and my dart aim was above him.


How do I act like I run this forum I make comments and appropriate responses to people he was mouthing off in another thread so get your storie right before you judge people Someone a bit jealous lmao I’m no different then anyone else on this forum just because I’m more active on here doesn’t mean I try to “act like I run it” sorry you feel that way I must be a pretty powerful forum user to get a reply like that (sarcasm)


Also I’ve been playing since beta and back then my dino did not escape unless I was moving away or my dart aim wasn’t near him.


And how do you know I’m being aggressive ?? Do you know really how I’m being? Give it up I’m not aggressive what so ever not in person nor online ! I don’t like people who undermine me. The whole point was he didn’t understand what I said that’s not the issue the issue is he mouthed off when he didn’t even know what the real deal was. I’m defensive if anything thank you. Just like now having to defend myself from someone saying I’m aggressive when I’m not what so ever. Anyways done with this whole subject it’s getting old . If he will ever stop talking about it.

End of subject


I’ve only ever had this problem once in beta and that was deliberate to see what would happen, haven’t had it since.


The only reason I brought it up is because it happened a lot all at once this post is a day or two old I haven’t had any issues since the post . And before this it only happened in the beta


Yea makes sense now with faster Dino’s they would escape a lot faster and when it was happening it was probably close to the end couldn’t really tell but it wasn’t right away