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Dino’s fixed I think

Noticed this when I opened the game recently. I think they have fixed it. Menu in news section still has wrong Dino’s listed but this is a good sign.

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Not fixed for me

Still Dimetrodon here, yet others in my Alliance report piggy as well.

This is the only creature under a green drop I can see at the moment.

That gives me hope, but I’ve still been seeing Dime G2 and Irritator G2 all over.

wait what?

I hope its totally fixed now. I have alloraptor at level 20 and lots of allo gen 2 dna. I want more though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My supply drops have moved and I had three greens. The ones that moved are no longer green. I only have 1 now.

Yep! Looks like everything is fixed! That means hopefully Allo G2 will appear.

They added missing creatures under drops, but didn’t adjust attempts. Incubators from strikes still have old content or they forgot to adjust grsphics.