Dino’s that need more love in 2.3

image Carno is iconic with Jurassic world

image Building piece to Ultimasaurus

image we need more than one mid sized theropod unique

image should have been added already

image a better representation of I-Rex

image One of the first hybrids created

image building block to diablosaur

and…no cloak?
carno’s cloak is canon!

There is a real dinosaur called diablosaurus

omg yes, that i-rex hybrid is amazing but it would be op unless 1400 damage.

While it is cannon, that doesn’t mean it necessarily gets it

Made a creature from Dinosaurs Global, I don’t know what to think of his move set though…

not sure why I added the French word choice for two of the abilities though :thinking:

If there’s ever gonna be a carno gen 2 in game, its the JP law that it has to have cloak and I believe a green skin, to pay respect to the lost world novel of course

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I wanted it to be devil Dino but then I found that diablosaurus is already taken lol

1600 would be as low as I would be willing to go